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WTEI consortium is prequalified in Egypt

Prequalification results saying that WTEI consortium is prequalified in Egypt.

On October, 25th, we have received an official letter from the Management Regulatory Agency (WMRA) of Egypt. WMRA is a division of the Egyptian Ministry of Environment. The letters confirms that WTEI consortium is prequalified as a company to create a waste-to-energy plant in Egypt.

Previously, in April, 2020, WMRA published a Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Waste to Energy Projects. That is why Green Tech Egypt, OAK Group Holdings, and Waste to Energy International created a consortium for the project. Together with our partners, WTEI team worked on EOI for 2 months. After that, in June, along with 92 other companies, consortium submitted a 200-pages EOI to WMRA.

In short, these 92 companies have submitted their Expression of Interest (EOI) and the prequalification documents to the following services:

  1. Waste to Energy relying on:
    • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW);
    • Sludge Treatment for Waste Water Treatment Facilities;
    • Biogas of the Sanitary Landfilling.
  2. Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) of MSW focusing on:
    • Production of the Refused Derived Fuel (RDF);
    • Making of the Compost;
    • Production of other products such as biofuel, charcoal, etc.

Accordingly, the 92 companies have submitted to either single treatment service or multiple services of treatment. Our consortium made focus on waste-to-energy services.

Cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Military Production of Egypt

Signing of the cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Military Production.
Signing of the cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Military Production.

Ministry of Military Production signs a cooperation protocol with “Green Tech Egypt” and “OAK” to build waste-to-energy plants in Egypt.

The document is the next step of the consortium of Waste to Energy International, OAK, and GTE activity in Egypt. Previously, meeting with the key ministers created the basis for signing of the current cooperation protocol.

Meeting with ministers in Egypt

Recently performed meeting with ministers in Egypt supported current development of the waste-to-energy project near Cairo. On Sunday, 06 September 2020, Minister of Military Production and Minister of Environment met local developer of our Consortium, Green Tech Egypt company (GTE).

Ministry of Environment plays the role of the supervisor for waste management system in Egypt. Ministry of Military Production supports the project by involving local industrial enterprises. In other words, such local enterprises to produce part of the plant equipment: conveyors, electrical equipment, fittings etc.

Both ministers and their key specialists listened to the presentation created by Waste to Energy International (WTEI). Green Tech Egypt company owner conducted the presentation. He showed proposed technology, commercial and financial project structuring. Also, presentation explained how the project can help Egypt to solve current waste utilisation problem.

Meeting with ministers in Egypt - First page of the presentation
First page of the presentation

Consortium for Waste to Energy Projects

Waste to Energy International (WTEI) builds relationships with partners on a long-term basis. Now, using such a long-term relationships, WTEI forms Consortium for Waste to Energy Projects in Egypt.

For more that 10 years, WTEI cooperates with OAK Group Holdings (OAK). Founder of OAK is ex-commercial director of Veolia for Middle East and North Africa (MENA), with excellent experience in the industry. OAK Group Holdings provides financial advises and investments into alternative energy industry. Also, group has very strong project portfolio, and huge track of investments.

3 years ago WTEI started cooperation with Green Tech Egypt (GTE), a company active in Egypt. GTE constructed first waste sorting facility in the country, and has excellent local connections.

Following the demand to create a new waste-to-energy plant in Egypt, WTEI formed the Consortium with OAK and GTE. The Consortium for Waste to Energy projects in Egypt aims to invest, build, and operate at least one plant, near Cairo. After that, the plant shall utilise 350,000 ton of municipal solid waste (MSW) per annum and produce 20-25 MW of electricity.

Consortium for Waste to Energy Projects - Proposed plant diagram
Proposed plant diagram

Gasification vs incineration

The most common question we encounter in our practice, is the comparison of waste-to-energy technologies: gasification and incineration. While the incineration is the most prevalent and approved technology in the world, many clients are interested in gasification in hope to have cleaner and cheaper waste-to-energy plant. In our article “Why incineration?” we showed benefits of incineration, from practical, and technical side. And nothing has changed from the time of publication of the aforementioned article.

But what about economy efficiency? Maybe here gasification plant has an advantage?

We had our opinion for a long time, and recently we encountered a professional report on it by KTH School of Industrial Engineering and Management, Stockholm. This report fully confirms our knowledge of the situation. The study considers 3 cases: incineration (i), gasification with steam turbine (s), gasification with combined cycle (cc):