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Gasification vs incineration

The most common question we encounter in our practice, is the comparison of waste-to-energy technologies: gasification and incineration. While the incineration is the most prevalent and approved technology in the world, many clients are interested in gasification in hope to have cleaner and cheaper waste-to-energy plant. In our article “Why incineration?” we showed benefits of incineration, from practical, and technical side. And nothing has changed from the time of publication of the aforementioned article.

But what about economy efficiency? Maybe here gasification plant has an advantage?

We had our opinion for a long time, and recently we encountered a professional report on it by KTH School of Industrial Engineering and Management, Stockholm. This report fully confirms our knowledge of the situation. The study considers 3 cases: incineration (i), gasification with steam turbine (s), gasification with combined cycle (cc):

Online Financial Model

We have launched a new service – online calculation of a waste-to-energy project. Please visit our Waste-to-Energy Model page to get immediate results of calculations. You will have calculated:

  • IRR (internal rate of return)
  • ROI (return of investment period)
  • Net Cashflow
  • NPV (net present value)

Definitely, project depends on a number of parameters, and we ask more that 30 questions related to project in Model Input Form. Please fill it out and click on Send button. Form will be submitted to our calculation server and in 10-30 seconds a .pdf file will be shown on this page (or downloaded by your browser). Results of calculations for free are “noised” with some arbitrary coefficients. If you send several times a form with the same values, you will have a number of different results in .pdf files returned.

To get exact calculations, please select “Yes, I need exact results” in “Bill me” field. Shortly you will receive a bill on EUR 599. Upon receipt of the payment, we will send you by email another .pdf file with exact results.

Even test mode, with “noised” coefficients, you can have a general “feeling” of the project and prevent yourself from rough mistakes in estimation of the economic efficiency.

Try online financial model in test mode for free and get first estimation of your waste-to-energy project!

This model supports online calculations for MSW (municipal solid waste) only so far. You can order calculations for almost any type of waste, technology (incineration or pyrolysis), for production of electricity or synthetic fuel. Please fill out the form Project Questionnaire: Waste-to-Energy.

We also have services for wind and solar power projects financial calculations, as well as full-featured “what if” calculation scenarios. Please refer to our Financial Model page.

We can consider also some non-standard approaches like combined credit from 2-3 banks taken on different conditions and interest rates. Or, sculpture debt repayment profile can be implemented. Some times it is needed to attract working capital. All of these custom cases is subject of additional negotiations and time.

The first step is most important, so protect your time and efforts and know for sure what is the real efficiency of your project.

WTEI unveils new representative office to support motorsport

Waste to Energy International have opened new representative office in Moscow solely oriented on support of motorsport in Russia. Company named Motorsport Components will supply special oils for engine and transmission of racing cars, brake pads, precise telemetry systems and sophisticated spare parts which cannot be found in stock.



First agreements are concluded with Millers Oils and Motul – for the full spectrum of sport-related lubricants to care the moving parts working at the edge of possibilities. Some of oils offered are produced using nano-technologies of the future.

As official partner of Russian distributor of CL-Brakes (Carbone Lorraine), Motorsport Components offers wide set of brake pads for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Porsche and others. Brake calipers by AP-Racing are also available in Internet-shop.

Telemetry systems, famous VBOX in-car video cameras, performance meters and lap timers by Racelogic are featured in dedicated section of Motorsport Components’ site. By the agreement, our representative office has rights to sell and market the Racelogic equipment for Russian racing teams.

The list of official producers is constantly growing to provide approved world-known solutions for motorsport.

Visit Motorsport Components site to know more about components technically described and available in Internet-shop or – if you need it – to make an order on special authentic parts for racing cars. We are here to serve your driving passion!


Breakthrough in Energy Utilization of Air Pollution Gases

Meet Gradual Oxidizer Technology – breakthrough in energy utilization of poor gases like landfill gases, biogas, syngas, coal gas and – what is extremely important – associated petroleum gas. The Gradual Oxidizer Technology provides wide fuel flexibility that accepts extremely low heating value gas fuels, providing extremely low criteria pollutant emissions, less that 1 ppm NOx. It is tolerant to H2S and siloxane, does not require chemicals and catalysts.

Waste to Energy International (WTEI) has signed sales representative agreement with the inventor and the producer of the technology: the Californian company Ener-Core.

Please visit the dedicated section of our site (wteinternational.com/ener-core) containing the full description of the technology and the power stations offered.

Mikhail Lyashenko appointed Director for Waste to Energy International

LyashenkoEffective February 01, 2014, Mikhail Lyashenko appointed Director for Waste to Energy International. He will be based in Prague, Czech Republic.

With joining of Mikhail, company receives strong experince in waste management and logistics. His extensive practice will help to develop projects thoroughly including waste logistics aspects.

As a first steps in the position of Director, Mikhail will consolidate development of feasibility studies in running projects and improve company infrastructure.