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WTEI Project Portfolio

WTEI Project Portfolio

Waste to Energy International has extensive WTEI Project Portfolio. It represents waste-to-energy plants, recycling and sorting facilities, landfills. All of these enterprises were developed, designed, and constructed by our team.

WTEI Project Portfolio - Plant 4 Moscow

Please visit Project Portfolio page on our site to look at:

Waste to Energy Plants

  • Municipal solid waste thermal treatment plant 2, Moscow
  • Medical waste thermal treatment plant “Ecolog”
  • Municipal solid waste thermal treatment plant 4, Moscow
  • Hazardous industrial waste thermal treatment plant “Ugreshka”

Recyclables Processing Facilities

  • PET Processing Facility “Rudnevo”, Moscow
  • PET Processing Facility “Kotlyakovo”, Moscow

Construction and Rehabilitation of Landfills

  • Landfill “Iksha”
  • Landfill “Khmet’evo”
  • Landfill “Salar’evo”
  • Landfill “Sosenki”

Advanced Pyrolysis Plants

Plants shown there are constructed by our technological partner, producer of ENCORE advanced pyrolysis technology.

Cost of incineration plant

Development of waste-to-energy facilities encounters a number of problems, and one of the biggest among them is the price. There are so many fairy tales about this business, so many fantastic technologies offered at very low prices, that it creates wrong expectations of clients concerning price level. A client should recognize average price level in industry before commencing the project.

Recently, we showed that there is no other reference point for any waste-to-energy technology except incineration plant, since it is most prevalent and approved thermal treatment technology in the world so far, do you like it or not. Every newly developed facility should be compared with price of incineration plant with similar capacity. But what is the price level of incineration and how does it change with capacity?

Basing on our construction experience and contacts with world top producers, we consider that price of incineration plant is well described by quite recent independent research, which abstract can also be downloaded in pdf from our site. It contains the following empiric formula:

I = 2.3507×C0.7753,
where I is the investment cost in million dollars and C is the plant capacity (1000 metric tons of waste/year).


According to the formula, cost of 40,000 tpa plant is $41 mio, or $1,026 per ton of annual capacity. Medium-sized 250,000 tpa plant should cost $169 mio, or $680 per ton of annual capacity. These numbers give us first estimation of how much waste-to-energy is, and, what is more important, quite adequate dependence of CAPEX per ton of annual capacity on the capacity by itself (blue curve).

USD mio
Per ton

Here is the simple calculator allowing to get values for a certain annual capacity.

We should understand that the formula discussed relates to municipal solid waste (MSW) to electricity plants and can vary depending on the technology implemented – it could be burning on grate or on fluidized bed. Hazardous medical and industrial waste processing costs significantly more, requires rotary kiln technology for big volumes and even more sophisticated flue gas cleaning systems.

There is a lot of talking on the market concerning the price of waste-to-energy facilities, and a number of companies making an attractive offers, but they all have one problem – nothing works. Client should ask low-cost bidders to show what do they have under commercial operation. And upon the predictable answer, return to commercially approved technologies. No matter what is it: pyrolysis, gasification, incineration or plasma treatment – price deviation from the above will be no more than +-50%.

It is the market. No miracles here.

Update: We unveiled the online service for evaluation of financial feasibility of a waste-to-energy power plant. If you know input parameters of your proposed plant, you can request finacial modelling by the link below.

Why incineration?

Nowadays world market offers a number of technologies to recover energy from waste. Some of them are popular as pyrolysis, gasification or plasma treatment. Another as incineration are often treated as outdated and even discarded.

In our daily activity, we encounter a number of common delusions concerning incineration, which lead to total misunderstanding of prevalence and roles of modern waste-to-energy technologies. That is why we think it is needed to comment the current situation.

The map below shows quantities of waste-to-energy plants in Europe (blue numbers) and amounts of waste in million ton being annually incinerated (red numbers).



WTEI unveils new representative office to support motorsport

Waste to Energy International have opened new representative office in Moscow solely oriented on support of motorsport in Russia. Company named Motorsport Components will supply special oils for engine and transmission of racing cars, brake pads, precise telemetry systems and sophisticated spare parts which cannot be found in stock.



First agreements are concluded with Millers Oils and Motul – for the full spectrum of sport-related lubricants to care the moving parts working at the edge of possibilities. Some of oils offered are produced using nano-technologies of the future.

As official partner of Russian distributor of CL-Brakes (Carbone Lorraine), Motorsport Components offers wide set of brake pads for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Porsche and others. Brake calipers by AP-Racing are also available in Internet-shop.

Telemetry systems, famous VBOX in-car video cameras, performance meters and lap timers by Racelogic are featured in dedicated section of Motorsport Components’ site. By the agreement, our representative office has rights to sell and market the Racelogic equipment for Russian racing teams.

The list of official producers is constantly growing to provide approved world-known solutions for motorsport.

Visit Motorsport Components site to know more about components technically described and available in Internet-shop or – if you need it – to make an order on special authentic parts for racing cars. We are here to serve your driving passion!


Subaru Team Russia Winter Cup 2015 has been started with WTEI support

New Winter – New Winter Cup season!

December 27 was a kick-off date for first event of motorsport rally contest SUBARU TEAM RUSSIA Winter Cup 2015 supported by Waste to Energy International, Carbon Factory, Atomic Shop, Kramar Motorsport and Service station «Plyeada». 34 Competitors took participation in the event, each ready to compete against its main rival – the time.


The history of Winter Cup

Starting from 2012 STi-Club team of friends holds a winter cup for rally sprints. From year to year list of competitors expands with new names, regulations are transformed and new tracks are becoming available for winter cup participants. Quite many different organizers are ready to hold sporting events in snowy winter; however all of them are carried out only in “sprint” format. STi-Club has attempted to bring competitors to professional rally format as much as possible. In 2013-2014 season there were stages of rally “Rostov Velikiy” and rally “Peno” introduced in Subaru Team Russia Winter Cup calendar, which are held on special stages of Russian Rally Championship and Russian Rally Cup. New season is no exception. STi-Club organizers have scheduled 8 stages, including Zelenograd, Rostov Velikiy, Ramenskoe, Peno, Konakovo River Club, Dmitrovsky proving ground. Winter Cup final is expected to take place on March, 7-8 2015.