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Expanding Investment Capabilities

Waste to Energy International OÜ performed a three-days session with its long-term financial partner from the United Kingdom. During the meetings passed in a very constructive manner a number of projects were defined to start in different parts of the world.


Parties have signed 3 agreements, launching investment processes in Ukraine and USA. Names and exact locations cannot be disclosed right now and will be highlighted in our Company News upon establishing the local project ventures. Total investment value of these waste-to-energy projects is over €250 mio.

Additionally, a number of projects shown on the Ready to Finance page were discussed; every one covered was accepted as feasible and agreed for implementation. Roadmap was formed and milestones were set, so signing of the investment agreements could happen in the very near future.

Special focus was received by a big project in the Middle East for construction a waste-to-energy facility. It was decided to form the consortium between Waste to Energy International OÜ, financial partner, local waste management company and world-leading technological provider. Full size project financing will be baked by the financial partner; Waste to Energy International OÜ will be responsible for feasibility study, financial modelling, technical and technological development.

Calm and attractive atmosphere of Baltic states, rich history and dynamic city development became the memorable background of the meetings.

Reaching new horizons and establishing long-term relationships with financial structures, technology providers and EPC contractors is the constant target which Waste to Energy International follows in the business activity.

New Site Launched

Following the latest tendencies in customer relations, we have redesigned our corporate site totally. Now it becomes more fast, secure and responsive to satisfy our partners, investors and customers expectations.


New design is ultra-responsive and contains a lot of interactive elements. As an example, you can initiate Skype call to our office with one click. Integrated animation is called to catch your attention on significant moments. Modifying a page instantly layout for different screen resolutions and orientations, our new engine makes your visits comfortable from any device – desktop, PC-tablet or mobile.

iPad and iPhone users will be impressed by Retina support. Two type of menus are used – for desktop and mobile devices.

And of course, you have already put attention to our big slider on the homepage. Please walk through stunning pictures created by our designers and get familiar with main sections of our corporate site.

At the bottom of our homepage please find the new information – our partners carousel. We have really good cooperation with the market leaders listed there. Visit their sites too!

Our main web address is changed, however. For your convenience it is shortened to wteinternational.com. Nevertheless, wastetoenergyinternational.eu is still in effect. You don’t need to change bookmarks.

We are eager to hear from you how do you like efforts of our creative team to bring the first class quality service to our customers.

Socialize Your Energy!


Expanding the information circle for modern ecological technologies, Waste to Energy International provides a lot of industry-related knowledge on own Internet pages. We provide two blogs: with carefully selected industry news and most important company news. Description of main world tendencies in waste-to-energy business can be found on our Technology page. The advanced pyrolysis technology is described on the ENCORE page and unique biogas power plant treatment know-how – under AIBOGAS heading.

Now limiting our presence in the Internet by our site only, we created four company “representative offices” in social networks. Now you can read our news, put “likes”, add “+1”, re-tweet and share actual information on clean energy technologies. We are also duly represented in the professional LinkedIn network.

Visit our web branches:


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New Division of Waste to Energy International: Biogas Plants Recovery Team


According to the results of independent reviews, about 30% of currently running biogas power stations are in crisis. Owners meet problems of lowering the power of biogas units caused by lowering of methane production, arising of concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the fertilizers produced. Those issues can occur due to impact of several factor: changing the composition of the feedstock; compromising of the technology; deviation from the set up parameters; qualification of the personnel and absence of the precise express-analysis performed in automatic mode.

Our company provides consulting and practically help in recovery of biogas units, increasing quantity and quality of biogas produced, and as a result, significantly increases effectiveness of biogas units, what leads to reducing of return of investment (ROI) term.

Recovery procedures are performed using unique patented methods and know-how, what gives excellent results.

After recovery of biogas units performed by our specialists, concentration of methane in biogas produced rise up to 85-87%, and the level of ammonia nitrogen in fertilizers goes down to 0.6-1 g/liter.

Please contact:
Sergey Kosterev
mob.: +7 (926) 272-49-29
e-mail: [email protected]

Slovakia to Support Waste to Energy Initiatives

Creative initiatives of Waste to Energy International (WTEI) were warmly welcomed by the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency SARIO.

Promoting a clean futureOn February 14, 2013 a meeting initiated by SARIO with WTEI, resulted in signing of cooperation agreements between WTEI and the Slovak development company.  The goal of cooperation is defined as a country-wide development of a waste management system, pointed toward using innovative waste-to-energy technology.

In the Slovak republic alone, approximately 1.5 mil tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) are generated, with the trend expected to grow up to 1.9 mil tons by 2025. From the current figures, approximately 78% is landfilled and only 12% is processed in thermal waste treatment facilities. Advanced legislation gives the opportunity to have quite attractive feed-in-tariff (FIT) rates for electricity produced from waste.

With WTEI’s in depth understanding of the current waste situation in Slovakia, see the region as highly favorable for investments in the waste management sector. WTEI has offered to produce a development plan for the country, which was highly appreciated by the local partner and government agency involved.