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About us

Waste to Energy International OÜ (WTEI) is a company of international environmentalists, highly qualified engineers, experienced economists and waste-to-energy project developers.

WTEI’s expertise and strengths:

  1. Identifying viable projects.
  2. Estimating of input waste quantities and characteristics, energy output and generation of recyclables.
  3. Establishing the feasibility study.
  4. Selecting the most appropriate technology for the proposed project.
  5. Calculating the project and establishing the project-specific financial model. These kinds of projects can only be calculated on the basis of thorough knowledge of the technology and specific international and local legislation.
  6. Creation and presentation of comprehensive information to investor(s) and investor groups, including Executive Summaries, Business Overviews, and Investment Memorandums.
  7. Sourcing of private equity and institutional investors.
  8. Providing potential investor(s) with financial evaluations, to help them formulate an effective strategy for the investment process. Establishing debt/equity ratios, optimum loan periods and project terms, as well as ideal share structuring for the project.
  9. Finding reliable local partners for EPC as well as O&M, in order to help ensure the success of each project.
  10. Arranging all the activity for financial and organizational structuring. Supporting the creation of the local project SPV in the project country.
  11. Performing control on the project during construction and procurement stage, until the time of commissioning.
  12. Providing guarantees of final output and, thus, declared IRR level.
  13. Consulting investors during the operating period, as required.

WTEI has rights to market and sells well-reputed, patented American waste-to-energy technology for all waste categories, meeting and beating the highest environmental standards in the world. It processes municipal solid waste, sludge, and all sorts of bio-waste; any animal manure; hazardous industrial and medical waste; tires, plastic etc. and generates a) electricity or b) synthetic fuel (diesel oil, jet fuel, wax, heat oil).

WTEI develops comprehensive feasibility studies for municipalities and industry. The client is then advised of the ideal plant size, location and infrastructure required in order to launch such a project in the shortest possible time.

WTEI has a pool of international investors in the United Kingdom and the Middle East who are specifically interested in “waste-to-energy” investments with government-guaranteed revenue streams through a tipping fee and/or electricity sales as well as synthetic fuel production.

WTEI is cooperating with international, well-connected partners including waste management companies in various countries to process permits, agreements, as well as government approvals very quickly in order to bring such waste-to-energy projects to the shortest possible maturity for international debt/equity investors.

WTEI has long-term experienced market partners in Australia, Russia, South Africa, Norway, and USA.