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Project Questionnaire: Solar

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Looking forward to start new project with us? Please fill out the Solar Project Questionnaire Form below. We will estimate your project upon signing of relevant cooperation agreement.

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WTE Model Input Form


Client Information

First Name
Last Name

Financial Data

Equity, %
Annual Interest Rate, %
Term of Credit, years
Grace Period, years
Method of Credit Amortization
Required Min DSCR
Inflation Rate for Base Tariff, %
Inflation Rate for Costs, %
Term of Project, years
Start of Operation, year
Bill Me

Technical Data

Project Name
Project Country
Project Country
Waste Type
Amount, tpy
Combustible Input, %
Moisture, %
Electricity Production, MW
Heat Production, MW
Operating Days per Year
Heat Production Days per Year
Term of Preferential Tariff, years
Preferential Tariff for Electricity
Preferential Tariff for Heat, EUR/MWh
Base Tariff for Electricity, EUR/MWh
Base Tariff for Heat, EUR/MWh
Tipping Fee, EUR/ton
Price for Metals, EUR/ton
Metals Production, ton/year
CAPEX per 1 ton of annual capacity, EUR
Land Lease, EUR 1000 per year
Insurance, EUR 1000 per year
Operations & Maintenance, EUR 1000 per year
Guarantee, EUR 1000 per year
Other Costs, EUR 1000 per year
Depreciation Period, years
Corporate Tax Rate, %