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114,240 ton per year Tires to Synfuel Plants in USA

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USA-3 Project, Tires to Synfuel Plants

ACTI modular systemWaste to Energy International has exclusivity to develop for investor finance the waste-to-energy plants. These plants are designed to process Tires from one of the biggest tire processing company in USA and convert them to synthetic fuel. The following are the terms of the investment opportunity.

  1. Teaser and financial model are fully developed and available after signing the NDNCA (Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Agreement)
  2. Two tires power plants to be constructed in USA: one in Minnesota and one in Mississippi
  3. Ready to sign a) tires delivery with collecting company and b) synfuel off-take agreements with Oil Companies. To be signed upon financing approval
  4. Total project capacity – 114,240 ton per year of shredded tires
  5. Total project output – 5,300 litres of synthetic fuel per hour
  6. 100% non-recourse finance at 5.0%, 20 years amortization
  7. Annuity repayment
  8. 1st year deferred payment
  9. 70% investor owned
  10. Annual interest and principal payments
  11. IRR over 16% at 25/75 equity/debt ratio
  12. Lawyer fees are included
  13. Deal to be done as an investment into the newly created SPVs, which will develop and build the tires plants
  14. All pertaining documents  are readily available

All pertinent financial and commercial information is contained in the data room which can be opened upon signing of NDNCA. We look forward to your questions and comments, as we are ready to address those at any time.

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