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547,500 ton per year MSW to Electricity Plant in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica-1 Project, MSW to Electricity Plant

1aWaste to Energy International OÜ develops for investor finance the waste-to-energy plant. This plant is designed to process municipal solid waste (MSW) and convert it to electricity. The following are the terms of the investment opportunity using synthetic fuel technology.

  1. Technical description and financial model are preliminary developed
  2. Plant is based on advanced pyrolysis technology. Producer is supported by a world-wide known global corporation
  3. Technology is approved on 300,000 tpy MSW to electricity plant under operation
  4. MSW power plant to be constructed in Costa Rica
  5. Arranged MSW delivery contract with collecting company
  6. Land is owned by project owner
  7. Electricity off-take agreements with grid company is arranged
  8. Eligibility Guidelines Study for project is in place, 137 pages
  9. Capacity of the plant – 547,500 ton per year of MSW
  10. Project output – 20 MW of electricity
  11. 100% non-recourse finance at 5.0%, 20 years amortization
  12. Annuity repayment
  13. 1st year deferred payment
  14. 100% investor owned
  15. Annual interest and principal payments
  16. Preliminary very conservative calculations show IRR is 16% at 25/75 equity/debt ratio
  17. Feasibility study needs to be accomplished for exact numbers
  18. Lawyer fees are included
  19. Deal to be done as an investment into the newly created SPV, which will develop and build the MSW plant

All pertinent financial and commercial information is contained in the data room which can be opened upon signing of NDNCA. We look forward to your questions and comments, as we are ready to address those at any time.

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