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Offshore Wind Farm in Italy

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Italy-1 Project, Offshore Wind Farm

Offshore Wind Farm, Golfo di Gela


Project description

  • The area proposed for the development of the site is located in the territorial waters of Sicily;
  • The development area is 9.5 square kilometres, 3.8 kilometres away from the coast;
  • The aerial view of water surface has an almost rectangular shape, with a spacing between the turbines of 800 meters x 450 meters, calculated to optimize the exploitation of wind energy and minimize the visual impact;
  • The wind turbines will be equal to the hub height 80 meters and a maximum diameter of the rotor of 112 meters, to a maximum height of 135 meters;
  • The diameter of the tower to the base will be 5/6 meters and 4 meters of the hub;
  • The wind turbines proposed for the construction of 38 wind turbines single post will be able to develop a maximum power of 3.3 MW each, for a total of 125.4 MW of installed capacity and a total producible energy equal to 230,000 MWh/year;
  • The turbines start generating electricity with a wind speed of 3.5 m/s, reach their maximum capacity to generate energy at a wind speed of 14 m/s. The maximum wind speed at which the turbine is capable of generating electrical energy is equal to 25 m/s, although the structures are designed to withstand up to wind speeds of 70 m/s;
  • The hours of operation provided the highest certified power level (p75) is equal to 1,900 hours/year.

Economics aspects

  • The expected duration for construction and commissioning of the project is equal to 20 months;
  • The duration of the concession provided is 30 years;
  • Annual revenues of management: (sale at a reduced fee € 201.7 / MWh * 226 200 MWh per year);
  • IRR of the project: 17.1%;
  • Overall the construction phase of the plant will involve about 100 people (including staff, direct and indirect);
  • Once in full operation, the activities of routine and extraordinary maintenance will involve approximately 20 employees including management, supervisory roles, and specialist maintenance crews for sea and air transport.

State of the authorization

  • EIA decree issued by the Ministry of Environment;
  • Awarded the state concession from the Ministry of Transport;
  • Obtained authorization to construct and operate by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, subject to the outcome of the screening of the project at the Ministry of the Environment;
  • Received a positive opinion of the Ministry of the Environment on January 23, 2014, so SPV is finally authorized the construction and operation of offshore wind farm.

Lay-out of the wind park


All pertinent financial and commercial information is contained in the data room which can be opened upon signing of NDNCA. We look forward to your questions and comments, as we are ready to address those at any time.

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