An astounding number of forward-thinking companies — companies that were well ahead of trends in information, retail and other commercial ventures — are now investing at an amazing rate in huge solar farms.

Google announced in February it was buying a massive solar farm project in northern California designed to help provide clean power there. The company has invested more than a billion dollars worth of wind and solar projects, according to Forbes magazine. Google now has enough wind and solar projects that can provide more than 2 gigawatts of power

Apple has also invested in two large solar farms in North Carolina, where significant tax credits for investors are available throughout 2014. Apple is also looking into investing in a large solar farm in Reno, California.

Others are catching on as well.

Ikea, which makes modern furniture, is highly interested in installing solar panels on its properties, especially in China.

Why? It just makes sense financially and environmentally, and these companies know it. Fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, those which took millions of years to form, are being used at irreplaceable rates. These companies have the mindset of looking toward the future.

Clearly, they are also on the right track by investing now in solar farms. Google now dominates Internet search engines. They were right years ago in developing that technology and they’re correct now in getting into solar power early, before the market becomes flooded with investors.

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