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We provide a number of online services: you can calculate waste-to-energy power plant, solar power station, or estimate cost of an incineration plant. Please click the button below and visit our online services page, where you can request selected calculation online.

Financial models created by Waste to Energy International OÜ (WTEI) are fully parametric. Specific set of parameters differs in each of three type of models available: for waste-to-energy plants, wind and solar power stations. Input section of Parameters sheet and all the project data in the Projects sheet are parameters, which can be easily modified to recalculate the model. Total number of parameters is around 50. Any project can be checked for any debt/equity ratio, interest rate, share structure, index of inflation etc. in minutes.

Online service to calculate a alternative power project is available on our model pages:

Waste-to-Energy Model Solar Model

Here is the simple calculator allowing to get values for a certain annual capacity.

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