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Environmental Benefits

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Our Plants


Our “Waste to Energy” conversion plants have a number of environmental benefits, including feature a “closed loop system”. The energy produced from the conversion of waste material, is fed back into our system and provides power for our complete plant. Once our facilities are operational, aside from mixed waste material, there are minimal outside resources needed to sustain it. In fact, environmentally friendly ash, which can be used in the construction industry, and steam, which can be used in nearby facilities, are welcomed by-products of our environmentally friendly technology. Considering our extremely low levels of greenhouse gas emissions, Waste to Energy International (WTEI) facilities have a non-comparable, positive impact on the environment.

WTEI plants also have very high end, world renowned, water treatment system, so any water that is used in the plant is cleaned regularly and also re-used. The plant then requires very little new water and produces only clean steam.

Our “Waste to Energy” technology will change how our local and global communities live. Together, we will slow our dependence on existing landfill sites, which will in turn slow the accompanying environmental threats which landfills continue to pose. We realize not everything can be recycled, as such, we must be conscious of the amount of waste we produce daily in our homes, schools and workplaces. Together we can achieve and promote a future that is green.

Part of what makes WTEI’s technology so environmentally friendly, is our high flow system velocities produce a short processing time. This eliminates any possible emission hazard in case of a shutdown or routine service. Any waste in the system is treated with latent heat before opening to the atmosphere, which results in very clean emissions, essentially clean steam. Compare this to conventional systems which have tons of waste in the main processing chamber at one time, and have to take great measures to minimize environmental risks which are much more difficult to control in a conventional system.

Low Environmental Impact

Our high flow waste conversion process operates with very low environmental risk, producing close to zero greenhouse gas emissions. Since our plants operate with very little waste in our system at one time, we have eliminated any potential environmental hazards in the possible event of an unplanned plant shutdowns. All waste left in the system is treated with latent heat before opening to the atmosphere, which results in very clean emissions and clean steam.