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General Benefits

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General Benefits

Waste to Energy International OÜ (WTEI) is focused on making the world cleaner and safer. We take the waste and convert it to the clean energy – electricity, heat and synthetic fuel.

BenefitEvery year million tons of energy reach waste are dumped. At the same time, energy demand of modern civilization grows rapidly. Using a waste as a feedstock, we reduce power shortage for the community and make the environment cleaner.

For example, a small town with population of 50,000 persons generates yearly up to 20,000 tons of municipal solid waste. This waste can produce up to 10% of the electricity consumed by the town.

Many researches approve that waste on landfills creates more greenhouse gases than any modern waste-to-energy plant. Additionally, landfill generates hazardous filtrate containing all the periodic system of elements inside of it. That is why European Directive prohibits landfilling in favour of creating more and more waste-to-energy facilities. Now only in Europe there more than 450 waste-to-energy plants.

We have access to different technologies for waste-to-energy plants: mass burning on reciprocating grates, fluidized bed burning, gasification, and pyrolysis. The last one is considered by us as mostly prospective on today’s market.

The technology of advanced pyrolysis named ENCORE, which we propose to our clients and fully support, is very effective and conforms to the strictest ecological standards. Fine engineering allows getting more syngas from one ton waste than any compatible system. ENCORE is versatile in using of syngas, providing production of electricity by gensets or synthetic fuel in Fisher-Tropsch unit. And all of this conforms to Californian standards on emissions, strictest in the world.

The waste-to-energy plant based on any of the above mentioned technologies is self-sufficient. It uses electricity and heat to maintain own activity. Most of power produced is fed to city grid.

Waste-to-energy is the best decision to solve the waste problem: it reduces landfills, feeds the city grid or create synthetic fuel, makes the environment cleaner, and creates new high technology jobs.

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