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ENER-CORE: Converting Poor Gases to Electricity

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Waste to Energy International OÜ is a representative of Ener-Core, California, USA for sales of Gradual Oxidizer Systems in Russian Federation and Europe.

Do you think how to convert gases with low heating value like associated petroleum gas (APG), syngas, and lanfill gas to electricity? There is the brand new decision – the Ener-Core technology. Instead of burning out the APG in multiple flares, the oil company can convert it to electricity.

Ener-Core: Converting Air Pollution to Clean Energy, Profitably. Ener-Core designs, develops, and manufactures products and technologies that aim to expand power generation into previously uneconomical markets. We anticipate Gradual Oxidation technology will provide customers with cost competitive power generation having lower emissions and greater fuel flexibility than conventional power plants. The Ener-Core Powerstation FP250 and Ener-Core Powerstation KG2-3G/GO combine our Gradual Oxidizer technology with gas turbines ranging from 250kW to 2MW. Because Gradual Oxidizer replaces the turbine’s standard combustor, systems can operate on a gaseous fuel that is much lower in quality, and with fewer emissions than in a conventional turbine. We believe that our customers can greatly reduce the cost of compliance with air quality regulations by avoiding the chemicals, catalysts, and complex permitting required by competing systems. Our products are specifically engineered for fuel flexibility and modularity, so that low-quality fuels can be used as an energy resource instead of wasted through venting and/or flaring.

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Below you can find technical information on Ener-Core Powerstations and Gradual Oxidizer.

Ener-Core Powerstation FP250


About the FP250

The Ener-Core Powerstation FP250 (“FP250”) is a clean power generation solution aimed to run on low pressure, low quality fuels which typically cannot be utilized. The FP250 is engineered to be capable of running on the widest range of gaseous fuels, in particular “low-Btu gas” from landfills, coal mines, oil fields, and other low quality methane sources. Built for fuel flexibility, the FP250 produces electricity from low-Btu gas instead of wasting the gas by venting and/or flaring. The FP250 is designed to consistently deliver ultra-low NOx (oxides of nitrogen) emissions. It can also be configured to deliver virtually undetectable emissions across the board (includes NOx, CO, and VOCs), which we believe are the lowest of any power generation system available today. We have designed the system to meet your project’s ultra-low Btu needs, zero emissions needs, or both.

The Ener-Core Powerstation FP250, available today, is a 250kW generating system that integrates two mature and proven technologies – gas turbine technology with thermal oxidation – in a unique fashion. The core of this system is the patented Ener-Core Gradual Oxidizer: a pressurized, flameless gradual oxidation vessel that controls the continuous energy release from a methane oxidation reaction. The system is engineered so that energy from the chemical reaction is released at a pressure and temperature high enough to efficiently power a gas turbine generator, but low enough to avoid NOx (oxides of nitrogen) formation.

Since 2011, an FP250 has been installed on a Department of Defense landfill in Fort Benning, Georgia and its performance has been independently tested and verified.

Ener-Core Powerstation KG2-3G/GO


About the KG2-3G/GO

The Ener-Core Powerstation KG2-3G/GO (“KG2-3G/GO”) is a unique system which integrates Ener-Core’s proprietary Gradual Oxidation technology with a highly efficient 2MW gas turbine. Like the Ener-Core Powerstation FP250, it is engineered to meet demanding emissions regulations and to provide continuous power generation on a wide range of fuel qualities. In addition, this 2MW system is designed to meet larger power generation needs. Because of its simple, low-maintenance design, high reliability and operational experience, the Ener-Core Powerstation KG2-3G/GO turbine generator package is the preferred solution for power requirements from 1 to 12 MW. The KG2-3G/GO’s wide fuel range is intended to operate on extremely low heating value fuels, landfill gas, biogas and associated gas from crude oil production. The system can also be recuperated or non-recuperated to meet customer needs, providing either higher electrical efficiencies or higher waste heat temperatures for steam generation. The core of the Ener-Core Powerstation KG2-3G/GO is our patented Gradual Oxidizer, which is designed to oxidize methane from the widest range of gases to release energy, while providing extremely low emissions. Energy from the chemical reaction is released at a pressure and temperature high enough to efficiently power a gas turbine generator, but temperature and reaction time conditions are designed low enough to avoid NOx (oxides of nitrogen) formation. The base turbine of the KG2-3G/GO has evolved from successful Dresser Rand KG2-3 C, E, and G gas turbine products, which comprise nearly 1,000 units produced and installed in the filed with over 25 million operating hours.

Ener-Core Gradual Oxidizer


About the Ener-Core Gradual Oxidizer

The Ener-Core Gradual Oxidizer extends a historical trend in engine technology seeking to improve emissions and expand the fuel operating range. We believe that our approach provides unique value proposition, allows for the extraction of energy from previously unusable fuels, significantly reduces harmful pollutants, and creates useful energy products such as heat and electricity. We believe that the Gradual Oxidizer is well positioned to achieve the Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (“LAER”) for several major air pollutants in non-attainment areas, and to become Best Available Control Technology (“BACT”) for these pollutants in attainment areas, as determined under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) New Source Review program. Our Gradual Oxidation technology has completed a number of development and deployment milestones in the last five years. In 2012, our technology underwent testing and verification completed by an independent third party as part of U.S. Department of Defense (“DoD”) demonstration program. The Gradual Oxidizer works by replacing a combustion reaction with a chemically similar, but slower chemical oxidation reaction which occurs at lower temperatures than combustion. Depending on individual customer needs, we can configure the system to provide a solution to utilize ultra-low Btu fuels, a solution to produce ultra-low emissions, or both.

Solution for Ultra-low BTU Fuels. This solution is designed for customers intending to generate energy from low-Btu fuels, including previously unusable gases typically vented or flared.

Solution for Ultra-low Emissions. This solution is designed for customers intending to meet emissions regulations in areas with significant air quality problems. Generally, installation of new power generating equipment in such areas requires complicated air permitting and compliance with very strict air quality regulations and controls.