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Gradual Oxidizer Features

Gradual Oxidizer Features


The Ener-Core Gradual Oxidizer Has Been Designed to Provide the Following Features and Benefits:


  • Turns waste fuel into a resource: Generate power from generally unusable gas sources
  • Designed to operate on a much wider range of fuels. When configured for low-quality fuels, our systems are designed to operate on gas with concentration as low as 50 Btu/scf (1700 kJ/m3). By comparison, most turbine, engine, and fuel cell systems require fuel quality of significantly higher concentration.
  • Flexible, configurable design: High pressure fuel injection for extremely low emissions, and Low pressure aspiration for use of lowest quality gas


  • Substantially lower air emissions. Particularly when configured for ultra-low emissions, our Gradual Oxidizer technology may produce substantially lower emissions of NOx, CO, and VOCs than competitive systems.
  • Designed to achieve Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER) for several major air pollutants (NOx , CO, VOC, PM2.5) in non-attainment areas


  • No chemicals or catalysts used (no urea or ammonia) for emissions control. Unlike other emissions control systems such as selective catalytic reduction, our Gradual Oxidizer does not use chemicals or catalysts and thus cannot be rendered inactive from catalyst poisoning.
  • Mechanically simple: No actuating parts
  • Less fuel conditioning may be required. When configured for low-quality fuels, our systems are designed to require minimal fuel pre-treatment or conditioning.  When configured for ultra-low emissions, we may require some additional fuel conditioning. However, regardless of configuration, our systems are designed to require substantially less fuel pre-treatment than competitive systems.