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Powerstation FP250 Features

Ener-Core Powerstation FP250 Features


The Ener-Core Powerstation FP250 Has Been Designed To Provide The Following Features And Benefits:


  • Turn Waste Gas into a Resource
  • Modular System Scales Up and Down to Meet Your Needs
  • Fuel Savings: Avoids Use of Supplemental Gas for Low Quality Sources


  • Ultra-low NOx Emissions (designed for <1ppm)
  • Ultra-low CO, VOC Emissions Option Available
  • Flare Reduction and Methane/VOC Emissions Destruction


  • Operate on Low Btu Gas, down to 15 Btu/scf (0.6 MJ/m3)
  • Designed to Operate with Minimal Fuel Conditioning
  • Low Sound Impact
  • Tolerant of contaminants (Hydrogen sulfide and siloxanes) in fuel gas
  • Able to run with high CO2 fuel gas