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WTEI Project Portfolio

WTEI Project Portfolio

Waste to Energy International has extensive WTEI Project Portfolio. It represents waste-to-energy plants, recycling and sorting facilities, landfills. All of these enterprises were developed, designed, and constructed by our team.

WTEI Project Portfolio - Plant 4 Moscow

Please visit Project Portfolio page on our site to look at:

Waste to Energy Plants

  • Municipal solid waste thermal treatment plant 2, Moscow
  • Medical waste thermal treatment plant “Ecolog”
  • Municipal solid waste thermal treatment plant 4, Moscow
  • Hazardous industrial waste thermal treatment plant “Ugreshka”

Recyclables Processing Facilities

  • PET Processing Facility “Rudnevo”, Moscow
  • PET Processing Facility “Kotlyakovo”, Moscow

Construction and Rehabilitation of Landfills

  • Landfill “Iksha”
  • Landfill “Khmet’evo”
  • Landfill “Salar’evo”
  • Landfill “Sosenki”

Advanced Pyrolysis Plants

Plants shown there are constructed by our technological partner, producer of ENCORE advanced pyrolysis technology.

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