Waste to Energy International has a number of alternative energy projects in the project pipeline. We will be proud to present these projects to international investor groups. Some of these projects have extensive databases available on the Internet ā€“ as an example, one of our projects has more than 1,000 electronic documents with a total size of almost 2 GB.

Name Energy Source and Output Project Capacity, ton/year Energy Output, MW Synfuel Production, liter/hour IRR on Equity, %
Egypt-2a MSW to Electricity 400,000 30.0 N/A 14%
Egypt-2b MSW to Electricity 1,000,000 75.0 N/A 14%
Egypt-2c MSW to Electricity 350,000 25.0 N/A 14%
Ethiopia-1 MSW to Electricity 680,000 40.0 N/A 17%
South Africa-1 MSW to Electricity 1,000,000 62.0 N/A 14%
Australia MSW recycling 130,000 N/A N/A 25%
Argentina-1 Solar to Electricity N/A 100.0 N/A 15%
USA-2 MSW+Plastic to Synfuel 163,200 0.0 2,768 24%
USA-3 Tires to Synfuel 114,240 0.0 5,300 17%
USA-4 Tires to Synfuel 195,840 0.0 9,084 20%
USA-5 Tires to Synfuel 48,960 0.0 2,271 20%
USA-6 Tires to Synfuel 48,960 0.0 2,271 21%
Total   4,131,200 332.0 21,694  
Legend Under Development
Feasibility Completed
Shovel Ready

More detailed information on these projects is possible to obtain upon signing a non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreement (NDNCA).

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