Waste to Energy International provides many solutions for alternative energy projects. Among them, there are not only full-featured technologies for waste-to-energy, wind etc. but also specific applications for certain sectors like pyrolysis. Additionally, we have solutions for some segments of alternative energy business like turbines and bale packing systems.

Waste to Energy Solutions

Click the button below to read a concise description of the available waste-to-energy (WTE) technologies on the market technologies. Every technology mentioned has its own benefits, disadvantages and area of applicability. We at Waste to Energy International offer many sustainable solutions for thermal residue utilization. Thermal treatment significantly reduces waste disposal on landfill sites such as municipal or industrial waste and sludge, and medical or industrial hazardous waste.

Pyrolysis Solutions

Bale Packing Solutions

Bale Packing System

Bale Packing System BPS-2 provides excellent packing of different types of waste, including municipal solid waste, wood chips and others.


Gas Turbines

Waste to Energy International (WTEI) provides a variety of power generation solutions, mostly represented by gas turbines.
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