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Waste to Energy International (WTEI) provides the development, investments and construction of waste-to-energy and alternative energy plants.

Unlike many other development companies on the market, we have strong experience in the construction of real waste to energy (WTE) and waste management objects.

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We provide services in consulting, development, investment and construction of all range of alternative energy projects. WTEI has extensive first-hand experience in WTE plants, advanced pyrolysis plants, hydro-power, wind, solar and other clean energy technologies.

Our priority is WTE using incineration and pyrolysis technologies. Further, in descending order of priorities, follow hydropower, wind and solar applications. Having several incineration plants constructed by us and more in the shovel-ready state, we have been involved not only in standard municipal solid waste (MSW) processing but dealt with hazardous industrial, medical and biological waste. Basing on this experience, we participated in the development of more than a hundred alternative energy projects.

WTEI has an extensive network of relations with the world top technology providers in different sectors of the industry. That is why we can select the most suitable technology for any particular project. Our contacts with very strong EPC companies make raising the funds possible even for large facilities.

Being a one-stop shop for alternative energy, we bring investments for projects together with our long-term financial partner. Based on WTEI’s feasibility study analysis, our private equity investors and financial institutions provide funding on very competitive terms. Therefore, WTEI offers a unique approach to creating new alternative energy facilities aimed to prevent global climate changes.

Featured Waste to Energy Projects

We implement the full development cycle for alternative energy projects, from the green grass to commissioning. This includes feasibility study, investments, procurement, construction supervision, commissioning and personnel training.

Waste to Energy Plant in Moscow

MSW Plant 4 – Moscow

MSW Plant 4 – Moscow process 250,000 ton of municipal solid waste (MSW) per year. The plant core technology is a fluidized bed.

Tires to Synfuel – Seoul

Location – Seoul, South Korea. Capacity – 1,000 ton per year of used tires. Synfuel production – 600,000 litres/year.
Medical Waste Plant Ecolog, view 1

Medical Waste Plant Ecolog

Medical Waste Plant Ecolog designed to process 24,000 ton of medical and biological waste per year. The plant uses rotary kiln technology.


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