Waste to Energy International provides a professional construction supervision service. Our extensive portfolio of alternative energy projects gives us expertise, necessary to construct and launch even the most sophisticated projects. WTEI is your key partner in building a feasible alternative energy plant.

As the first phase of the Development of Alternative Energy Projects, our team produces the Feasibility Study for Investments. The document contains the professional description of the technology and the technical proposal by the suggested EPC contractor. Even at this time, we select a strong, famous provider for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). As usual, our partners are worldwide known companies with an annual turnaround of billions of USD. We list some of them below, in the partner’s carousel.

The feasibility study provides a solid background for further Alternative Energy Investments. Our long-term financial partner commences funding several weeks after the completion of the feasibility study. At this moment, we open the TIO (Technical Interface Office) near the project site. It comprises several (5-10) engineers from the Waste to Energy International team, who will work locally and supervise the project on every stage of its creation: design project, procurement, assembling, construction, commissioning.

Technical Interface Office (TIO) services

Our engineers provide construction supervision to watch over interests of the project shareholders and the investor.

The main goal is to keep the design project following the guidelines of the technical proposal made in the feasibility study stage. CAPEX, OPEX and timeline from the proposal are used in the Financial Models for Alternative Energy, and impact on the final project efficiency, most importantly, the IRR. We ensure that above mentioned financial parameters are not to degrade during any stage of project construction.

We continue our supervision during the construction period. Without such kind of caring, the project can run over the allocated budget or exceed the timeline easily. Such kind of circumstances could make the project not viable and result in financial losses.

Our experienced team of engineers supports works on the construction site in tight cooperation with the EPC company and the investment committee, to bring the project to commissioning in time and within the allocated budget.

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