Waste to Energy International has an extensive project portfolio. It comprises waste-to-energy plants, recycling and sorting facilities, landfills. All of these enterprises were developed, designed, and constructed by our team.

Waste to Energy Plants

Waste to Energy Plant in Moscow

MSW Plant 4 – Moscow

MSW Plant 4 – Moscow process 250,000 ton of municipal solid waste (MSW) per year. The plant core technology is a fluidized bed.
MSW Plant 2 - Moscow. Flue stack.

MSW Plant 2 – Moscow

MSW Plant 2 – Moscow processes 130,000 ton of MSW per year. Core technology solutions are by top international suppliers: CNIM and Martin.
Medical Waste Plant Ecolog, view 1

Medical Waste Plant Ecolog

Medical Waste Plant Ecolog designed to process 24,000 ton of medical and biological waste per year. The plant uses rotary kiln technology.
Industrial Waste Plant Ugreshka - Visualisation

Industrial Waste Plant Ugreshka

Industrial Waste Plant Ugreshka designed to process 15,000 ton of hazardous industrial waste per year. The plant uses rotary kiln technology.

Recyclables Processing Facilities

PET Processing Facility Rudnevo - overview

PET Processing Facility Rudnevo

Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Processing Facility Rudnevo. Facility is in operation and process 8,000 ton per year.

Construction and Rehabilitation of Landfills

Landfill Iksha - ditch construction

Landfill Iksha

Landfill Iksha for municipal solid and bulky waste. Construction and partial rehabilitation of the landfill by European standards.
Sand layer on liner

Landfill Salar’evo

Landfill Salar’evo for municipal solid and industrial waste. Rehabilitated after 25 years of operation.
Ironed slope

Landfill Khmet’evo

Landfill Khmet’evo: construction and partial rehabilitation of the landfill by European standards. 55 hectares area, 50m height.
Tipper with sand

Landfill Sosenki

Rehabilitation of the landfill (solid and industrial waste) by European standards. Closed after 30 years of operation.

Advanced Pyrolysis Plants

Plants shown below are constructed by our technological partner, producer of ENCORE advanced pyrolysis technology.

  • Waste types: municipal solid waste, sludge, tires, plastic, biomass, coal, cow manure, medical waste, industrial waste
  • Production of electricity or synthetic fuel
  • Different grades of synthetic fuel include diesel oil, jet fuel, wax, heat oil
  • High-quality carbon black as a byproduct
  • Countries: Australia, China, Italy, Romania, South Korea, USA
  • Uniform technology: American patented pyrolysis system

Tires to Synfuel – Hudson

Tires to Synfuel – Hudson, CO, USA. Capacity – 52,500 ton per year of used tires. Synfuel production – 27,600,000 litres/year.

Tires to Synfuel – Seoul

Location – Seoul, South Korea. Capacity – 1,000 ton per year of used tires. Synfuel production – 600,000 litres/year.

Human Sludge to Synfuel

Human sludge to synfuel advanced pyrolysis plant. Turns 1 000 ton of sludge into 125,000 litres of synfuel, every year.

MSW to Electricity – Bistrita

MSW to Electricity – Bistrita. Advanced pyrolysis plant. Turns 8,400 tons per year of municipal solid waste into 1 MW of electricity.

MSW to Electricity – Knoxville

Municipal solid waste to electricity. This advanced pyrolysis plant turns 8,000 tons of waste (per year) into 1 MW of electricity.

Cow Manure to Electricity – Chino

Cow Manure to Electricity – Chino, CA, USA. ENCORE advanced pyrolysis technology. Capacity 12,000 ton per year, Electricity output – 0.8 MW.
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