Coal to Synfuel – Brisbane

  • Technology – ENCORE advanced pyrolysis technology
  • Development – New Hope Group
  • The area used – 0.4 ha
  • 2 modules
  • Start-up year – 2012


Capacity, ton per year16,000
Synfuel production, litres per year4,128,000
LocationBrisbane, Australia
StatusIn operation

Project Gallery – Coal to Synfuel – Brisbane

Coal to Synfuel - Brisbane

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Tires to Synfuel – Hudson

Tires to Synfuel – Hudson, CO, USA. Capacity – 52,500 ton per year of used tires. Synfuel production – 27,600,000 litres/year.

Cow Manure to Electricity – Chino

Cow Manure to Electricity – Chino, CA, USA. ENCORE advanced pyrolysis technology. Capacity 12,000 ton per year, Electricity output – 0.8 MW.

Human Sludge to Synfuel

Human sludge to synfuel advanced pyrolysis plant. Turns 1 000 ton of sludge into 125,000 litres of synfuel, every year.