Consulting is an important part of alternative energy development. In the preliminary stage, we provide a different form of consulting, including preparation of the comprehensive presentations. Later, we perform the development of the feasibility studies and economic calculations by proprietary financial models.

Feasibility Study for Investments
Financial Models for Alternative Energy


Waste to Energy International focuses on the development of alternative energy projects. Our team comprises highly experienced engineers, economists and environmentalists. We have the rights to market and sell very effective waste management technologies. Therefore, our main specialisation is in the development of feasibility studies, financial models, selection of the technology and investments in alternative energy projects.

Development of Alternative Energy Projects


Waste to Energy International has exceptional expertise and practical knowledge in developing energy projects, which is essential for attracting alternative energy investments successfully in this sector. We understand the technology and operating risks behind an alternative and, specifically, waste-to-energy projects. These factors give us the advantage to bring 100% of the funding necessary for constructing a viable plant.

Alternative Energy Investments


We take responsibility for the design, engineering, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning of WTE plants and other alternative energy facilities. WTEI has a unique experience in the construction of waste-to-energy plants based on different technologies, sorting and recyclables processing facilities, landfills.

Construction Supervision

Online Services

We provide several online services: you can calculate the economic efficiency of a waste-to-energy plant, solar power station, or wind power plant.

Waste-to-Energy Financial Model
Solar Financial Model

Proven Expertise in alternative energy Development and Construction

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