This online service provides the solar financial model for the evaluation of the financial feasibility of a solar power project. Based on key technical and financial parameters, the model calculates IRR (internal rate of return), payback period, net cash flow, NPV, and provides many details on cash flow, balance, and other pages.

The form has fields with default values; you can use them or edit as needed. By clicking on Send button you will submit the form to our calculation server and in 10-30 seconds, you will see a .pdf file with calculations. Results of calculations for free are “noised” with some arbitrary coefficients. Therefore, if you send several times a form with the same values, you will have different results in .pdf files returned.

To get exact calculations by the solar financial model, please select “Yes, I need exact results”. This selection is available in the “Bill me” field. Shortly you will receive a bill of EUR 99. Upon receipt of the payment, we will send you by email another .pdf file with the exact results.


Client Information

First Name
Last Name

Financial Data

Equity, %
Annual Interest Rate, %
Term of Credit, years
Grace Period, years
Method of Credit Amortization
Required Min DSCR, ratio
Inflation Rate for Base Tariff, %
Inflation Rate for Costs, %
Term of Project, years
Start of Operation, year
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Technical Data

Project Name
Project Country
Project Country
Installed Power, MWp
Irradiation, kWh/m2/y
Power Distribution per 1 MWp, MWh/year
Price for 1MWp, EUR 1000
Term of Preferential Tariff, years
Preferential Tariff for Electricity
Base Tariff for Electricity, EUR/MWh
Land Lease, EUR 1000 per year
Insurance, EUR 1000 per year
Operations & Maintenace, EUR 1000 per year
Guarantee, EUR 1000 per year
Other Costs, EUR 1000 per year
Depreciation Period, years
Degradation Rate, %
Corporate Tax Rate, %

This model supports online calculations for a solar power plant using a limited set of parameters. You can order customized calculations for any type of solar project. Please fill out the form Project Questionnaire: Waste-to-Energy.

We also have online services for wind and Waste-to-Energy Financial Model, as well as full-featured “what if” calculation scenarios. Please refer to our Financial Models for Alternative Energy page.