We made calculations by our proprietary models for hundreds of projects in different segments of the alternative energy business, mostly, in waste-to-energy development. That is to say, these calculations have been accepted many times by financial advisers in Switzerland, UK, Middle East and Sri Lanka.

Financial models for alternative energy created by Waste to Energy International are fully parametric. A specific set of parameters differs in each of the three types of models available. Namely, they are for waste-to-energy plants, wind and solar power stations. The input section and all the project data are parameters, which a developer can easily modify to recalculate the model. What is most important, the total number of parameters is around 50, covering sophisticated alternative energy project development cases. So, the model allows checking any project for any debt/equity ratio, interest rate, share structure, index of inflation etc. in minutes.

Waste to Energy International provides a financial model as a mandatory part of a feasibility study or – if the client is interested – the model can be developed based on the declaration of input parameters by the client. For this, the client has to fill out one of the following forms and send it to us. We need 3-5 working days and advance payment to perform calculations in accordance with our model.

Certain examination of what-if scenarios can be ordered, too. For example, the client can be interested to find out what minimal tariff provides profitability of the project or what is optimal depreciation period. Therefore, sometimes answers to such questions are non-evident even to a certified accountant.

Online services

In addition, online services to calculate an alternative power project using financial models for alternative energy are available on our model pages:

Calculations of other projects and what-if scenarios require further communication with our team. A sample output from financial model for waste-to-energy plant is available for downloading below in PDF.

Financial Models for Alternative Energy

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