Landfill Salar’evo – rehabilitation by European standards

  • Rehabilitation of the landfill by European standards
  • Municipal solid and industrial waste
  • Geo-synthetic solutions by Naue
  • 2 geosynthetic layers: to drain methane and clay liner to cover from precipitation
  • Geo-grid on scarps
  • 5 layers total, including sand and soil
  • 1 million ton of sand and soil added during rehabilitation
  • Grass over covered landfill body
  • Drainage system


Area50 hectares
Stored15 million tons of waste
Height70 meters
SizeOne of the biggest in Europe
LocationMoscow region, Russia
StatusRehabilitated after 25 years of operation

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Our Landfill Rehabilitation projects

Landfill Iksha - ditch construction

Landfill Iksha

Landfill Iksha for municipal solid and bulky waste. Construction and partial rehabilitation of the landfill by European standards.
Ironed slope

Landfill Khmet’evo

Landfill Khmet’evo: construction and partial rehabilitation of the landfill by European standards. 55 hectares area, 50m height.
Tipper with sand

Landfill Sosenki

Rehabilitation of the landfill (solid and industrial waste) by European standards. Closed after 30 years of operation.