MSW Plant 4 – Moscow

  • Municipal solid waste to electricity and heat
  • The thermal treatment plant in operation
  • 3 technology lines, fluidized bed incineration
  • Main technology by Hölter (now Air Liquide)
  • Equipment by Von Roll 
  • Cranes by Konecranes
  • Sorting of waste before thermal treatment
  • Steam cycle for electricity production
  • Electricity feeds the city grid


Municipal solid waste, ton per year250,000
Electricity production, MW6.4
TechnologyFluidized bed
LocationMoscow, Russia
StatusIn operation

Plant №4 in Moscow process 250,000 ton of municipal solid waste (MSW) per year. The plant core technology is such an advanced technology of incineration as a fluidized bed. Flue gas cleaning utilises cyclones, spray absorbers, reactors for fly ash and fabric bag filters. Totally, three world-leading companies supplied equipment for the plant: Hölter (now Air Liquide), Von Roll and Konecranes.

The main technology of the MSW Plant 4 – Moscow

At the beginning of the millennium, German company Hölter took leading positions on the European market in the production of incineration equipment. Their technology of the fluidized bed provides higher energy output and better burning of the waste. That is to say, technology also has some drawbacks in a bit more complexity and higher demand for consumables. Later, the French company Air Liquide acquired Hölter and now holds its technology.

Secondary equipment

Swiss company Von Roll takes leading positions in the incineration industry for decades. The company delivered many incineration plants to many countries across the world, focusing on European Union first. For the MSW Plant 4 – Moscow Von Roll supplied important secondary equipment like furnaces, boilers, automation components etc.


Loading of the waste to the furnace provide overhead cranes with grabs. Crane transfers the waste into the feed hopper where it is then pushed into the incinerator for burning. Loading of the waste performs in semi-automatic mode: the crane operator moves the crane to the point where to get the waste and pushes the loading button with the feed hopper number. The crane grabs the waste and discharges it to the feed hopper automatically. For this plant, cranes were provided by the world-leading supplier of overhead cranes, Finnish company Konecranes.

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