Bale Packing System BPS-2 provides excellent packing of different types of waste. It could be municipal solid waste (MSW), wood, construction waste and others. It is extremely useful to pack waste coming to landfills and store it for further usage by waste-to-energy technology. On the landfill, the municipal solid waste loses its energy content due to chemical processes. Being packed, MSW is sealed inside the bale and saves its energy content for further thermal treatment.

Bale packing system
BPS-2 overview

Bale Packing System Features

The Bale Packing System BPS-2 provides high compaction of waste to cylindrical round bales and their airtight wrapping with high tearproof film in safe cross bracing. Strips, nets, etc. are not required, and in spite of their large volume (up to 2.83 m³) and their large weight, the bales are dimensionally stable, transportable and storable. Even contaminated, but compressible waste can be packed, transported and stored environmentally friendly and harmless. No emission escapes from the bales. Furthermore, the BPS-2 comes along with fewer wearing parts – a definite reduction of operating costs.

Fields of Use

Environmentally friendly packaging of waste and recyclable material, e. g. domestic waste, commercial waste, substitute fuel, wood chips, bark, etc.

  • High compaction and production of cost-effective and environmentally friendly transport units, e. g. in waste transfer stations
  • Safe bale transport over short and long distances
  • Safe temporary storage even of pollutive waste

Bridging of overhaul phases in mechanical-biological waste treatment plants, MBS plants, waste incineration plants, RDF power plants, etc.

Bale Packing System Technical Specification

Dimensions40’’ container, approx. 12.2 m (L) x 2.5 m (W) x 2.9 m (H) - with container locking
Energy DemandConnected value: three-phase current, 400 V, 50 Hz
Connected load: approx. 100 kW
Average consumption: approx. 60 kWh
WeightApprox. 23 t; with hydraulic lifting system: approx. 27.5 t
OperationWrapping process runs automatically. 1 plant operator for monitoring the process and for film change in the operator‘s room, additionally one worker for feeding and transport of bales.
Bale DimensionsCylindrical, 1.5 m diameter, 2.83 m³ volume (with 1.6 m height)
Preferably 1.4 - 1.6 m height; with optionally available adapter 1.2 m height
Bale Weight1Approx. 900 kg (commercial waste, e. g. shredded mattresses, carpets, film, substitute fuel, wood chips, bark, etc.)
Up to 2,300 kg (domestic waste with high organic material, wet organic, etc.)
Film (at Press Vessel)2
500 mm
0.025 mm
Adhesive Layer
Film (at Wrapping Table)3
500 mm
0.025 or 0.03 mm
Adhesive Layer
1 depends on composition and specific gravity of waste/recyclable material
2 For domestic waste with 1.5m bale diameter and 1.6m bale height and assumed compressed density of 0.5 t/m³-0.8 t/m³
3 Deviations are possible in dependence on manufacturer

Summary of the most important BPS-2 Properties

  • Optionally for stationary use or with telescopic hydraulic lifting system for multi-site mobile use
  • Low consumption and operating costs, low wear
  • Low film consumption per unit of weight as a result of high density and large volume (2.83 m³/bale with 1.6m height)
  • High compaction of waste inside the press vessel by 2 hydraulically driven compaction rollers
  • High bale weight reduces transport frequency and saves personnel costs
  • Even in the open-air medium to the long term storage life of waste and substitute fuel
  • Prevention of gas and leakage of water emission
  • Preservation of physical properties of waste for further utilization
  • Prevention of spontaneous ignition of packed waste

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