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We have a number of ready to finance projects in our pipeline. Most attractive are listed here. Table contains hyperlinks to the project description pages.

WTEI Project Pipeline 
Type of the PlantStatus of the Project
PhotovoltaicUnder Development
WindFully Developed
Waste to EnergyShovel Ready
RecyclingFully Operational
No.NameEnergy Source and OutputProject Capacity, ton/yearEnergy Output, MWSynfuel Production, liter/hourEquity / Debt RatioInterest Rate, %IRR on Equity, %
1Bulgaria-1Solar to ElectricityN/A17.8N/A 25/75 5.0%21%
2Bulgaria-2Solar to ElectricityN/A76.0N/A 25/75 3.5%19%
3Costa Rica-1MSW to Electricity547,50020.0N/A 25/75 5.0%18%
4Egypt-1MSW to Electricity100,0005.40 25/75 5.0%18%
5Italy-1Wind to ElectricityN/A125.4N/A 25/75 5.0%17%
6South Africa-1MSW to SynFuel300,00014.80 25/75 5.0%25%
7South Africa-2Solar to ElectricityN/A100.0N/A 25/75 5.0%15%
8Sri Lanka-1MSW to Electricity242,00019.90 25/75 5.0%18%
9Sri Lanka-3Solar to ElectricityN/A30.0N/A 25/75 5.0%>15%
10Ukraine-3MSW to SynFuel100,0004.50 25/75 5.0%15%
11USA-1White Goods RecyclingN/A0.00 100/0 N/A> 50%
12USA-2MSW+Plastic to Synfuel163,2000.02,768 25/75 5.0%24%
13USA-3Tires to Synfuel114,2400.05,300 25/75 5.0%17%
14USA-4Tires to Synfuel195,8400.09,084 25/75 5.0%20%
15USA-5Tires to Synfuel48,9600.02,271 25/75 5.0%20%
16USA-6Tires to Synfuel48,9600.02,271 25/75 5.0%21%
17Zambia-1Solar to ElectricityN/A100.0N/A 25/75 5.0%26%
 Total 1,860,700513.821,694   


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We will be proud to present these projects to the international investor groups. Some of these projects have extensive databases available on the Internet – as an example, one of the listed projects is represented by more than 1000 electronic documents with total size of almost 2 GB.

More detailed information on these projects is possible to obtain upon signing of a Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Agreement (NDNCA). Please feel free to get in contact with us:

Ener-Core Project Assessment Form


Contact Information

First Name
Last Name

Financial Metrics

Cost of Gas
Cost of Electricity
Onsite Electrical Load

Project Information

Project Name
Project Owner
Product Required
Quantity, units
Project City
Project Country
Other Country
Elevation, m
Generator Voltage, V
Power Required, kW
Frequency, Hz

Fuel Specific

Calorific Value
Flow Rate


Fuel Source

Emission Criteria


Fuel Contaminants

Nitrogen (Fuel Bound)
Additional Fuel Components

Composition/Flow Variability

Describe Fluctuations in Flow and Composition (if any)

Gas Composition

Water, %
Hydrogen, %
CO, %
Nitrogen, %
Oxygen, %
H2S, %
Argon, %
CO2, %
Methane, %
Ethane, %
Propane, %
isoButane, %
n-Butane, %
isoPentane, %
n-Pentane, %
n-Hexane, %
n-Heptane, %
n-Octane, %
n-Nonane, %
n-Decane, %
Ethyne, %
Ethene, %
Propene, %
Benzene, %