Currently plastic waste has become a critical issue.  The consistent amount produced daily has a negative impact on our health as well as our environment.   With plastic now used in numerous ways-from household items, electronics to automobile parts, there is no escaping the extensive onslaught of the waste byproducts.

Manufacturing new plastic requires oil, natural gas, while emitting huge volumes of greenhouse gases.   It also contributes to the contamination of both sea and land killing much of our ecosystems.

Here are a few ways plastic recycling can save energy and the environment:

Conservation of Natural Resources
Recycling is an efficient process and requires a minimal amount of energy and materials. A number of the earth’s resources are used for making plastic that is obtained from virgin materials, which is why converting old plastic into new material can save a huge amount of energy and resources.

There’s a Huge Amount of Plastic
One of the major reasons for recycling plastic is because its available in huge quantities. Almost 20% of the municipal waste is plastic and it is also used in manufacturing goods and items that are used on a daily basis. Recycling plastic will not only help with a decrease in the production of plastic but also conserve the environment.

Acquires a lot of Landfill Space
When plastic is recycled, it will not be left in the landfill to decompose. It saves a lot of landfill space and helps in proper waste management. It is a well-known fact that plastic is very bulky and takes up a lot of space. If you go for recycling plastic, you save 7.4 cubic yards out of ten of fill space on an average.

Helps in Reducing Co2 Emissions
Manufacturing plastic releases a lot of greenhouse gases, including Co2, which contributes to the global warming effect. Since recycling plastic minimizes energy usage and exploitation of fossil fuels, it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Preserve Coral Reefs and Marine Pollution
According to a study of 159 coral reefs in the Asia-Pacific region, there is about 11.1 billion pounds of plastic waste entangled in the corals. If this continues, we will end up adding more than 40 per cent in just the next seven years. Therefore, it is important to value and understand the importance of coral reefs and dangers to their sustainability and motivate people towards plastic recycling.

Industries from all over the world are gradually realizing the benefits of recycling plastic not just for effective waste management but also for a greener environment.  For shredding and granulating plastics of all sorts you require complete experience and information about the size reduction technology.  With our industry experience and extensive range of machines from VIRTUS EQUIPMENT, you are guaranteed to get the perfect industrial recycling machinery such as industrial shredders, heavy duty granulators and related equipment, to suit your recycling needs.

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