Bridge to India to announce a new addition to our portfolio of publications – BRIDGE TO INDIA ‘SOLAR CASE STUDY’. This is an effort to bring a greater degree of depth and transparency to the solar market in India.

  • Our case studies are aimed at EPCs, project developers, lenders, investors and policy-makers and intend to disseminate knowledge on solar projects that have already been executed
  • In our first case study, we examine a 36MWp project commissioned in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The project was developed by Giriraj Enterprises (a Malpani Group company) and the EPC was done by Sterling and Wilson
  • Through our case study series, we create the platform for developers, EPCs and component manufacturers to showcase their projects and skills to more than 12,000 industry readers across the globe

We believe that everyone in the market can benefit from having more knowledge about the projects that were already executed. Our case studies allow EPCs and component suppliers to compare notes, help project developers take more informed decisions, lenders to fine-tune their risk perceptions and give policy-makers some more on-ground input needed to adjust and improve the regulations. Over time, we aim to distil best practices.

Each of our case studies is sponsored by one of the stakeholders in the project. This does not give the sponsor any editorial rights and we stress the independence of our analysis. However, the sponsor can choose a project that he or she considers a particularly good project. A project, for example, that showcases a particular skill or functionality. We, in turn provide an independent review of the project and share that with the large Indian solar community through our various outreach channels.

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