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golden-recycle-imageWith the myriad of environmental problems the world is facing now, more and more companies have started “going green” and are becoming mindful of mother earth. Companies across the globe including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Dell, Target and General Electric are making drastic efforts to improve company procedures and processes in an Earth-Friendly manner. Consumers have become far more aware of the repercussions of what certain products can do to the earth and how to make it less harmful for everyone. Ever since the boom of environmentally friendly products, buyers and consumers have responded quite nicely to the entire approach of going green, not only in the types of products purchased but also in how they use them.

Going green has certainly made an impact among the public, and consumers have shown their shopping habits are influenced by it. Carbon emissions have considerably lessened among the years. With this on-going trend carbon footprints are lessening and the Earth is becoming a cleaner place. “There is no end to how we can improve the environment.” says Andrew Moquin, chief jewelry designer at Rokstok.com, “Biodegradable packaging, energy efficient buildings, and lessening e-waste are just a few ways, it was only a matter of time before Rokstok.com stepped to the plate and did its part.”

Rokstok is in the designing stage while creating an entire line of engagement rings and wedding bands using only recycled gold and previously owned diamonds. This earth friendly campaign was created by Andrew Moquin, the company’s head jewelry designer who wanted to help minimize the stripping of Earth’s natural resources and felt the need to prevent as much destruction of our precious landscapes. Each Green Ring will be produced from repurposed materials and will be presented with recycled packaging material as well. Still containing the Rokstok integrity, each piece will come with a serial number proving its authenticity, a lifetime warranty, and will be hallmarked with the Rokstok Green Ring Insignia. The world eagerly waits for this beautiful; yet Earth-Friendly collection to be launched in the Spring 2013.

Thanks to Rokstok, customers and clients can opt to purchase beautiful environmentally friendly engagement rings and weddings bands, and Moquin states that he looks forward to the time when his customers can state “My engagement ring is green!” To find out more about Rokstok, Andrew Moquin and their Green Ring Collection, visit http://www.rokstok.com/ .

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