Sakura Pyro Waste Systems Launches Global Initiative to Turn Waste into Energy

(PRWEB) February 13, 2007

sakura_pyro_waste_systemsJapan – Australia Sakura Pyro Waste Systems is a Company launching a system into the world of high tech-low cost waste management to provide a unique technology with highly profitable by-products.

The primary aim is to reduce landfill deposits and emissions associated with waste disposal, Sakura Pyro Waste Systems meets and exceeds this aim. The ultimate outcome being to provide a clean green benefit that is rewarding to the planet.

Sakura Pyro Waste Systems has developed a patented system for handling the problem of efficient waste disposal, through it’s Pyrolysis system, which is formally defined as chemical decomposition induced in high molecular compounds by heat in the absence of oxygen.

One of the many advantages of the Pyrolysis system is the low cost of processing waste that does not need costly pre-sorting and that emerges as a by-product produces usable high quality, Oil, LPG and charcoal, 24 hours a day.

The entire piece of equipment only needs to occupy 600m² for a 20 ton per day capacity system. Power consumption for a 20 ton is extremely low. The throughput can be expanded to a 200 ton capacity or more if required.

Efficiency extends to the staffing and management, whereby a staff of three personnel is required to run the plant and the equipment only requires maintenance once every six months.

In line with the whole concept of being environmentally friendly, Pyrolysis is the opposite of oxidation that is produced by burning. By utilizing the by-product from the process i.e. gas, this can be used to run the plant, further sales are made of excess gas.

The Pyro System is patented and a 24 hour operational plant is already based in South Korea, with new plants being built and planned for Japan, North and South America, India, China, Asia, South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

Joint CEO Brett Goldsworthy comments – “The reason why BN Global invested in this company was not only the Reduction of Land Fill and Zero Emission for Waste Disposal, but for emerging marketing across the globe the renewable energy produced such as high quality oil, gas and charcoal, is where these countries can benefit. No longer are they bound by Global Oil and Gas Companies but they truly have an opportunity to clean their country and reduce costly expenditure on energy. We see countries like India, China, Asian and South American Nations benefiting from this technology.”

Sakura Pyro Waste Systems LLC is look for joint ventures and private equity partners in various regions

Further Information can be obtained by contacting Sakura Pyro Waste Systems

Brett Goldsworthy — Joint CEO

Sakura Pyro Waste Systems

+61 2 9945 0738


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