Hampshire, UK based PyroPure, which has developed a micro-scale waste to energy pyrolysis technology for on-site waste disposal, has been awarded over £165,000 in funding from the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board.

The company explained that the funding has been awarded via the Smart grant funding stream for innovative projects in high growth potential SMEs. The grant is intended to help PyroPure develop and pilot its solution for the disposal of hypodermic syringes and other medical sharps.

According to PyroPure, its technology is expected to reduce the cost, environmental impact and hazards associated with traditional disposal practices.

The company added that its system uses pyrolysis, a thermochemical decomposition process using high temperatures and an absence of oxygen to destroy all non-recyclable waste.

The technology is said to enable the on-site destruction of waste, which negates the need for waste to be stored on-site for any length of time, collected and then transported long distances before being destroyed.

It is also claimed to dramatically decreases the cradle to grave trail of hazardous waste by reducing the number of touch points typically required by those traditionally responsible for manually handling it.

In addition to reducing disposal and collection costs, the company added that its technology also enables the efficient recovery of metals for recycling and energy from hazardous waste.

The energy is recovered in the form of heat, and can then be redistributed within the building in which the PyroPure system is located via the hot water system.

“This backing provides us with the assurance and official recognition that PyroPure has the potential to completely reshape the current model for waste collection within hazardous environments, where waste is expensive to dispose of and where its collection bears a degree of risk,” explained Peter Selkirk, executive chairman of PyroPure.

“Whilst pyrolysis isn’t new, the ability to harness its power within one small machine is,” he added.

In a global market for medical sharps waste that is estimated to be worth £600 million PyroPure said that it is now only months away from making its technology commercially available.

The company said that it expects the system to become a major component of the hazardous waste-handling infrastructure and play a key role in reducing infection levels typically caused through the mishandling of hazardous materials.

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