The electricity and gas company, Belgian Eco-Energy (BEE), has entrusted Veolia with a 15-year contract to operate one of the largest biomass power plants in Europe, which will be built on the international port of Ghent.

The new 100% biomass power plant in Ghent will be equipped with a cogeneration system producing electricity and heat simultaneously – 215 MW of electricity and 100 MW of thermal energy. It will provide 2% of the total electricity production in Belgium, the equivalent consumption of 450,000 households, and will provide heating to 240,000 residents through a district heating network. Veolia will accompany BEE from the construction of the plant, which will begin in 2016.

A 100% biomass project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Equipped with the most advanced technologies, the biomass power plant in Ghent will be fueled by wood chips and agro-residues, and each year will avoid the emission of nearly 450,000 CO2 equivalent metric tons compared to a similar natural gas facility. The project will help increase the share of renewable energies in the country’s energy mix and contribute to reaching the 2020 European Union climate change target: a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990.

“WithVeolia, we are confident of having a world-renowned partner able to commit to a results guarantee because of the experience they have acquired with similar projects,” says Michael Corten, CEO of BEE.


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