Thanks to the versatility and productivity of TANA Shark 440DTeco industrial shredders, New Horizon Plastics is not only meeting the challenges of reducing plastic waste in the environment, but also helping fulfil significant overseas demand for new packaging materials.

Plastic might not weigh much but it is incredibly strong, hence the reason for companies using it as protective packaging and outer wrapping. The versatility of the TANA Shark 440DTeco means that it can be loaded and shredded to a variety of sizes by a single operator, as Shaun Walker from Tana Recycling Machinery (UK) Ltd explains.

“Plastic waste isn’t going away, so it’s great that companies like New Horizon Plastics are using their ingenuity to put it to different applications. They’ve developed an operation to process waste and we’ve got the machine for it, which can do this job all day, every day.

“The machine does everything you ask of it and I’m always happy to demonstrate it to customers. I know it can cope with whatever their requirements are, from construction and demolition waste to tree stumps, railway sleepers, tyres, mattresses, carpets, green waste and of course plastics – it shreds a multitude of products and does it well.”

“When we first started the company, we used to shred with two different machines, but this left itself open to problems with reliability and productivity,” says Director Philip Thomas from New Horizon Plastics. “So this is why we switched to the TANA and a single-shred operation with less downtime.


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