IMABE IBERICA has recently supplied two balers to FCC MEDIO AMBIENTE for the modernization of the Salamanca Waste Treatment Center located in Gomecello.
These two new machines will complement the batch of balers, metal conveyors and bottle perforators that were supplied in 2006 and have been providing continuous and efficient operation since that moment.

On this occasion, the baler models supplied are the following:

  • A baler for high-density packages of the plant’s refuse with a capacity of up to 30 tons/hour, completed by the client with an automatic bale plasticizer equipment.
  • A baler for high-density packages of recovered ferrous containers with a capacity of up to 3 tons/hour.
Both are robust, efficient and durable models with great value the price that continuously incorporate the latest market innovations and have been successfully installed on numerous occasions.
Moreover, IMABE has been providing a wide range of solutions for the treatment of solid waste for more than 40 years: balers, transfer stations, compactors and self-compactors, shredders, metal conveyors, bag openers and bottle perforators.
Furthermore, IMABE also offers solutions for the treatment of other solid waste materials: paper, cardboard, plastic and metal scrap; and for the baling of forage and biomass.

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