Process systems control equipment manufacturer, Metso has been awarded four repeat orders from French firm, CNIM, which designs, produces and commissions waste to energy plants, to supply automation systems to new facilities in France and the UK.

According to Metso, it has now received a total of 12 orders for its process control systems for waste to energy and biomass plants from CNIM since 2011.

As part of the deal, the company said that it will supply an extensive Metso DNA automation system for all process controls and plant information management. The integrated process automation system covers all plant processes from boilers to turbines.

According to Metso, high-level reliability is ensured through an integrated and certified safety solution.

The company said that its solutions play a significant role in managing waste to energy plants successfully and help them reach their goals of high performance, as well as safe and reliable operation, with a high degree of integration.

Additionally, the systems are said to provide good information on the process performance.

At biomass to energy plants, Metso said that its automation systems contribute to maximising incineration capacity, keeping combustion and steam production stable while allowing high production process availability.

The facilities

In the UK, the control systems will be supplied to waste to energy plants in Battlefield, Shropshire, and in Leeds, as well as a biomass plant in Ridham Dock. In France systems will be supplied to a biomass to energy plant in Estrées-Mons.

The waste to energy plant in Leeds is owned and will be operated by Veolia Environmental Services.

It will have an electric output of 11 MW and is designed to process up to 20.5 tonnes of residual waste per hour and is expected to help the city to reach the target of recycling more than 60% of its waste. The plant is planned to go on line in 2016.

The Battlefield waste to energy (pictured) plant in Shropshire is also owned and operated by Veolia. Metso said that it is designed to process 45% of the municipal waste produced in the county and generate enough electricity to power 10,000 households. The plant is planned to be operational in 2015.

The biomas plant in Estrées-Mons is owned and will be operated by Nerea, a subsidiary of the French group Akuo Energy. Once on line at the end of 2014, it will have an electric output of 13 MW.

The Ridham Dock combined heat and power biomass power plant is owned by the German Mannheim energy company (MVV Energie). It is designed to have an electrical output of 23 MW and will process around 172,000 tonnes of waste timber per year and is scheduled to be operational in spring 2015.

CNIM is the lead contractor for all four facilities.


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