In early April 2022, FCC Česká Republika started up a modernised plant for producing solid alternative fuel from waste (RDF). It is in Brno, where FCC has been making RDF for the cement industry since 2001.

The new line meets all the requirements set out in the new Waste Act. The line is equipped with crushers, optical NIR PVC separators and electromagnetic separators. In addition to automatic PVC separation, the modernised technology will bring other benefits, such as increased production capacity, lower unit electricity consumption, easier maintenance and greater operational reliability.

We have kept the second production line of the RDF plant in Brno, which has a single-stage crushing machine installed in 2014. It is used mainly for single-type waste with the input of high purity. As part of the reconstruction, both lines were equipped with the modern Firefly fire protection system, which detects hot particles and sparks in the flow of crushed material and in the first phase performs preventive local extinguishing without the need to interrupt operations.

Solid alternative fuel plants convert combustible, non-recyclable waste (plastics, rubbers, textiles including synthetic, paper, tetra pack, wood, leather, and composite materials) into fuel that can be used in thermal power, cement and heating plants.


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