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417a39be-cb09-4517-88da-699a6657a312Pasteurization Technology Group (PTG), innovator of the only sustainable wastewater disinfection process that creates renewable energy, has signed its first sales partnership agreement to expand its commercial footprint. Cortech Engineering will act in the capacity of manufacturer sales representative in Southern California and Nevada, offering PTG’s complete line of chemical-free and energy-efficient wastewater disinfection systems.

“Cortech is a perfect fit for PTG. They offer the optimum mix of geographic coverage, engineering expertise, and nimble operations. Working together, we can introduce PTG’s technology to municipal wastewater treatment plants as well as industrial wastewater facilities such as food and beverage processing or the oil and gas industries,” said Greg Ryan, CEO & co-founder of PTG. “Given the enormous economic challenges caused by worsening water scarcity and rising energy prices, the dramatic cost savings that our systems provide customers is a natural fit for the markets of Southern California and Nevada.”

Based in Orange County, California, Cortech Engineering has served California and Nevada for 22 years, offering knowledge, products, and expertise to help businesses derive maximum value from pump and process equipment applications.

“Our highly specialized and technical sales engineering team is eager to present PTG’s breakthrough wastewater disinfection system to our customer base and network of contacts,” said Marc Sanchez, VP of Cortech Engineering. “Cortech’s customers across a wide variety of industries look to us for innovative technologies and solutions. PTG’s patented systems can reduce wastewater treatment costs while also generating renewable energy for both municipalities and industrial facilities.”

Innovative wastewater treatment technology is toxin-free and generates clean energy

PTG’s technology is the first and only to combine sustainable wastewater disinfection with renewable-energy generation. PTG’s patented technology can use the digester gas (often referred to as biogas, a natural by-product of wastewater treatment) as fuel to drive a turbine that generates renewable electricity that can offset the electricity consumed by a typical wastewater treatment plant. The hot exhaust air from the turbine (energy that is typically wasted) is then passed through a series of heat exchangers that increase the temperature of the wastewater to a level that disinfects the wastewater stream. PTG’s technology is significantly more cost-effective and more energy-efficient than other methods. And, unlike other wastewater disinfection approaches, PTG’s systems do not require toxic chemicals such as chlorine, or costly electrical power and expensive UV lamps.

About Cortech Engineering

Located in Yorba Linda, California, Cortech Engineering is a premier manufacturer’s representative firm located in Orange County in Southern California. Since 1987, Cortech has been providing a broad range of pumps, process equipment products and services for industrial applications in chemical processing, food and beverage, electric utilities, pulp and paper, oil and gas, refining, OEM, and general industry. For more information, see

About Pasteurization Technology Group

Located in San Leandro, California, Pasteurization Technology Group is a venture-capital backed company that is revolutionizing the disinfection of wastewater. PTG’s systems utilize its patented “two-for-one” technology that combines sustainable wastewater disinfection with the generation of renewable energy. PTG’s process is one of a handful of technologies that has passed the stringent standards of Title 22 in the state of California for the disinfection of water for reuse. By channeling the typically wasted exhaust heat from a turbine to disinfect wastewater, PTG’s process is the most energy-efficient and lowest-cost solution on the market. PTG won the 2011 BlueTech® Go-To-Market Strategy award and the Popular Science 2011 Best of What’s New award, and was featured on the 2012 Cleantech Forum Entrepreneur Showcase. For more information, see, and follow @pastechgroup on Twitter and Facebook

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