BIR is Norway’s second largest waste management company and is responsible for waste handling from approximately 340.000 inhabitants in the municipalities owning BIR. BIR Avfallsenergi AS is a subsidiary of BIR. The objective of BIR Avfallsenergi is Energy-from-Waste recovery of the waste generated by the region’s inhabitants.

Construction work of the EfW plant began in June 1998 and in the year 2000 the plant went into operation. The plant has a capacity of 210 000 t/year. The plant consists of two lines of incineration, steam generation, district heating, energy recovery (turbine, generator and atmospheric condenser) and flue gas purification including baghouse filter. BIR Avfallsenergi AS planned to replace the existing baghouse filter of line 1 from their waste to energy plant after approximately 16 years of operation with a new one due to wear and corrosion.

The bag filter is placed downstream the steam-to-gas heat exchanger to clean the flue gas from remaining dust and other pollutants downstream the scrubber. Residues will be transported from the bag filter to a common recirculation buffer or spent sorbent silo. The scope of supply for the bag house filter includes engineering, manufacturing, transport, dismantling of the existing bag filter, erection, commissioning, performance responsibility and documentation. The short time for tie-in was the most challenging task. The bag filter was successfully replaced in a standstill of six (6) weeks in October 2016.

Order entry date: 14.12.2015


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