ROYCO Introduces Clean, Efficient EZ-Power Generator™ That Converts Waste Plastics Into Electricity

Beijing, China (PRWEB) August 25, 2004

EwgBMMxsJXThe EZ-Power Generator™ is a new generation of waste plastics cracking units developed by Beijing Roy Environment Technology Co., Ltd. This facility includes feeding unit, reaction unit, distillation unit, sludge extractor/drying unit, circulation water unit, oil storage unit, wastewater treatment unit, scrubbing unit and power generating unit. It converts waste plastics into oil by low temperature thermal cracking in the absence of air and then utilizes the output to produce electricity.

The EZ-Power Generator™ generates electricity from most any waste plastics including PP, PE, PS, mixed plastics, waste oil and others. The medium oil and flare gas are then used to power the power generation unit to produce electricity. The EZ-Power Generator™ generates ZERO emissions and operates at a noise level equivalent so low that most people think the unit is not in operation. The EZ-Power Generator™ can produce electricity and emit virtually no greenhouse gases.

Beijing Roy Environment Technology Co., Ltd. (ROYCO) is a Solely Foreign Invested company based in Beijing, China. It is the world’’s leading developer of waste plastics to oil for electric power generation in the 300 kW to 900 kW size range.

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