Paris, May 15, 2013.


Brazil – Veolia Water builds three units for the treatment of raw water and wastewater for pulp and paper producer CMPC

Veolia Water, via its subsidiary Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, has been awarded a contract for €130 million to build three units for the treatment of raw water and wastewater for the Chilean CMPC Group, a world leader in pulp and paper production.


Celulose Riograndense, a member of the CMPC Group, has adopted the unique solutions offered by Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies for the treatment of its raw water and wastewater to comply with the very strict environmental regulations of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, where its pulp plant is located.

With more than 1,000 global references in the pulp and paper industry alone, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies is the recognized leader in the treatment of effluent and black liquor produced by the industry.

“This is the largest contract ever signed in Brazil in the pulp and paper sector. It features our best technologies, which are MBBR, for the treatment of wastewater, and Actiflo, for the treatment of the process water.”

Yvan Liegey
Chairman and CEO of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Latin America

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