Whitepaper Shows How to Eliminate Industrial Waste, Saving Money & the Environment

Denville, NJ (PRWEB) August 3, 2006

t_509177_199__00SRB Marketing and  announced they will continue to work together to distribute a white paper that shows industry and government how to eliminate wastewater sludge, while saving money and protecting the environment. The company’s innovative paper evens shows how to generate energy in the process. The two companies have already distributed hundreds of copies of PMCB’s white paper on the topic and plan to now continue making it freely available through Google and its partner search engines and content websites.

“There are a number of technologies for treating organic waste streams and sludges, some more expensive than others and many not good for the environment,” says Dr. Alan Rozich, PMCB’s president. “Conventional treatment is effective but 30 to 60 percent of the material goes to waste sludge. The sludge is expensive to treat and dispose of; and disposal options are shrinking in number and becoming ever more expensive,” he adds.

Dr. Rozich says the ideal technology would simply avoid the generation and disposal of sludge in the first place. “The white paper we are distributing discusses and compares such options and technologies. It shows industry and government agencies how eliminating waste can be less expensive and more environmentally-sound.” He adds, “we’ve already worked with a number of clients on such projects, including a $ 1 million project that came through our efforts with SRB Marketing.

“Working to help communicate to key decision makers the importance of technology that reduces waste, protects the environment, and produces sustainable energy is a real pleasure,” says Perry Goldschein, SRB’s managing director. “We are thrilled to be helping bring this important technology to market.”

About PMC BioTec

PMC BioTec integrates proprietary technologies to provide sustainable waste disposal and energy solutions for industry and government. PMCB is dedicated to offering truly sustainable environmental and energy technologies that are also profitable to operate. PMCB has developed a family of proprietary and patented technologies that are “triple green”: green for the environment; green for a sustainable future; and critically, economically attractive and thus “green” for business. For more information, visit: http://www.PMCBioTec.com.

About SRB Marketing

SRB Marketing is a full-service, interactive marketing firm specializing in reaching values-based consumers and organizations online in the sustainability, social responsibility, and wellness markets for its clients. Clients have included Yale University, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Working Assets Long Distance, Pax World Funds, and many others. For more information, visit: http://www.SRBMarketing.com.


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