Prequalification results saying that WTEI consortium is prequalified in Egypt.

On October, 25th, we have received an official letter from the Management Regulatory Agency (WMRA) of Egypt. WMRA is a division of the Egyptian Ministry of Environment. The letters confirms that WTEI consortium is prequalified as a company to create a waste-to-energy plant in Egypt.

Previously, in April, 2020, WMRA published a Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Waste to Energy Projects. That is why Green Tech Egypt, OAK Group Holdings, and Waste to Energy International created a consortium for the project. Together with our partners, WTEI team worked on EOI for 2 months. After that, in June, along with 92 other companies, consortium submitted a 200-pages EOI to WMRA.

In short, these 92 companies have submitted their Expression of Interest (EOI) and the prequalification documents to the following services:

  1. Waste to Energy relying on:
    • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW);
    • Sludge Treatment for Waste Water Treatment Facilities;
    • Biogas of the Sanitary Landfilling.
  2. Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) of MSW focusing on:
    • Production of the Refused Derived Fuel (RDF);
    • Making of the Compost;
    • Production of other products such as biofuel, charcoal, etc.

Accordingly, the 92 companies have submitted to either single treatment service or multiple services of treatment. Our consortium made focus on waste-to-energy services.

From total of 92 companies, there were 88 Egyptian and 48 abroad companies. To sum up, they offered 155 services in total. As a result, 53 companies offering 107 services are prequalified.

Companies prequalified along with WTEI consortium

In MSW to energy sector, where WTEI consortium is prequalified, 19 Egyptian and 25 abroad companies are prequalified, also. Certainly, there are well-known market leaders as Power China, Suez, CNEEC, CMEC, CNTIC, GS Engineering & Construction Corp., Be’ah Emirates Waste to Energy.

Power China (revenue $60 billion) is a global leader in the field of clean and low-carbon energy, water resources and environmental construction.

Suez (revenue $20 billion) are experts in water and waste management for 160 years, operating on 5 continents.

China National Electric Engineering Co. (CNEEC, revenue $14 billion) is mainly engaged in EPC contracting, complete equipment supply, engineering design in the fields of thermal power, hydro-power, clean energy and other industrial projects.

China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC, revenue $4 billion) provides complete plant solutions spanning preliminary planning, EPC, financing, and operation and maintenance.

China National Technical Imp. & Exp. Corp. (CNTIC, revenue $400 million) is a large scale state-owned enterprise with main businesses in international project contracting, international production capacity cooperation and development, and trade and integration services. 

GS Engineering & Construction Corp. (South Korea, revenue $85 million) is recognised as one of the world leaders in the plant EPC business, creating refineries, gas, petrochemical, waste, and water treatment plants.

Be’ah Emirates Waste to Energy ( UAE, revenue $40 million) is the Middle East’s leading and award-winning fully integrated environmental company.

To sum up, successful prequalification of the consortium created by Green Tech Egypt, OAK Group Holdings and Waste to Energy International clearly demonstrates our international leadership in waste-to-energy sector.

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