FCC Austria Abfall Service AG proudly presents a new way to dispose of waste – order your collection online or on your smartphone!

FCC Austria Abfall Service AG is one of the leading waste management companies in Austria. For many years FCC Austria has been serving countless municipal clients as well as industrial, trade, commercial and private customers. In all these years, the company’s central service has always been the reliable and professional collection and disposal of waste.

Waste disposal – online shopping style

With Abfall Service online FCC Austria Abfall Service AG is now moving the ordering process for waste disposal for Austria’s private customers to the world of online business. Via the web shop at www.abfallserviceonline.at or via the smartphone app “Abfall Service online” all required container, skips or Big Bags can be easily ordered for many kinds of different waste. Customers enter the desired point of placement, the kind of waste to be disposed of and the size and kind of container. The order-specific flat fee is calculated and directly displayed. After the order has been placed the container, skip or Big Bag is typically delivered and collected on the dates chosen.

The online service process is thus not much different from many well known ordering processes in various online shops. FCC Austria Abfall Service AG aims to make waste disposal easier and more comfortable for private customers who can now use Abfall Service online. FCC Austria’s Head of Sales, Manfred Grubbauer sums up the idea of the new service: “We want to assist private citizens who have to cope with an extraordinary amount of waste due to rare or uncommon activities or situations like clearing out the basement or attic, residential refurbishment, home conversions or landscape gardening etc. Abfall Service online enables private customers to order their perfect collection container easily and comfortable from home or on the go 24/7”, says Grubbauer.

For any questions or comments about Abfall Service online and waste disposal in general, customers can contact the FCC Austria hotline. The hotline can be reached free of charge using the extension number * FCC (= * 322).

Waste does not equal garbage

An additional aim of the new FCC Austria online service is to raise awareness for waste in the population. Waste should no longer be viewed as dirty garbage that just needs to be removed. It is instead a valuable resource for the future. All collected waste material is recycled or thermally treated by FCC Austria. It is Head of Sales Grubbauer’s hope that using the Abfall Service online tool will help private customers to realize that they too can make an important contribution to resource saving and recycling by responsible waste disposal.

A logical move towards the future

Today, a significant portion of our modern lives happens online. Companies of most industries have long reacted to the trend and offer their services and products on the Internet if at all possible. The field of waste management should not be an exemption.

For FCC Austria the move into online business is thus the next indicated step. According to Wolfgang Leitner, Board Member of the FCC Group, the new approach offers a massive growth opportunity and “an anticipated sharp rise in the field of private customers which has already seen an increasing demand”. Abfall Service online thus represents an important move towards the future, fully in line with the company’s slogan “Services for the Future.”



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