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Waste to energy company WT Energy has opened an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) system located in Trestina, Italy, which treats 55 tons (49.9 tonnes)/day of biomass (corn silage).

It generates electrical energy power of 1 MWh which is fed to the grid and thermal energy power of 1.5 MWh, which is used in the drying system for the treatment of tobacco leaves.

Gas produced in the biodigestion process is scrubbed and dehydrated to remove the hydrogen sulphide, and then used to fuel the cogeneration engines which produce electric and thermic energy. The remaining digestate is separated into two recyclable by products of soil improver (20% moisture) and nitrogenous wastewater.

The soil improver obtained from the process is used to fertilize the surrounding agricultural fields.

Enrico Vincenti, chief technology officer at WT Energy, said: “This AD system is able to convert up to 98% of organic waste – and if the organic material came from press-extrusion of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), it would be even better, since it is well known that corn silage is one of the hardest organic material to be digested.”

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