Future360 visits the Netherlands to witness the unveiling of an innovative technology from Ener-Core that turns landfill gases into clean, green energy.
Enercore is a company based in CA, that is commercializing a gas emissions space and employing tech to convert these emissions into power.

Alain Castro
After almost 10 years of development, Ener-Core celebrates the launch of its first commercially operating unit in partnership with Dutch waste management company Attero.
The technology takes landfill gases and using a turbine, generates electricity. It’s unique in it ability to perform even when the quality of the gases have significantly deteriorated.
There are numerous applications. In addition to landfills, the technology can be used in steel mills, oil and gas refineries, beer distilleries, anywhere gas is flared.
The ability to curb pollution and generate revenue, makes this technology a no brainer for power companies and society alike.
For more information visit http://ener-core.com/

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