Finally Road Solution for Busy County Landfill

(PRWEB) July 28, 2004

cypherearthzymelogoCypher International Ltd.’’s proprietary EarthZyme solution is now used at landfills around the world to produce roads that are accessible in any adverse weather conditions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The unique enzyme formula creates a permanently impermeable material that is extremely resistant to water ingression. Compaction values reach as high as 99.9 % after only a few passes of the compactors, producing significantly higher CBR (California Bearing Ratio) values that are essential to support the heavy weights associated with garbage trucks and other massive landfill related equipment.

A recent project was the Shelby county landfill which accepts 800 tons of garbage per day. The landfill is located in Calera, Alabama, approximately 30 miles south of Birmingham. Because the landfill accepts such a high tonnage of garbage per day it requires constant access by the high load garbage trucks that deliver the garbage to the site. Access was always a problem during wet weather due to the damage caused by the combination of moisture and constant traffic. Maintenance bills were piling up on an annual basis, just to keep the road in satisfactory conditions after any rain.

EarthZyme was applied to the access road of the Shelby County Landfill in June and has provided access to the landfill during and after heavy rainfalls and has required absolutely no maintenance whatsoever. The road was built in record time and did not stop traffic at all throughout the entire construction process. The county loves the road because it has required no maintenance, with no associated costs and became hard and durable almost immediately. The landfill owner loves the road because it gives the truck drivers access to dump their garbage all day long, rain or shine. At the same time that the road was being constructed a waste lagoon was being built with EarthZyme at the other end of the landfill. EarthZyme is used in these circumstances because of its impermeable characteristics, which will not allow the waste being stored in the lagoon to leach out. UltraZyme, Cypher’s organic waste digestion and odor control solution is being used to digest the human sludge that is brought to the landfill from a local wastewater treatment facility and safely stored for treatment in the EarthZyme treated lagoon.

There are many applications that Cypher International Ltd. products can be used for to produce significant cost-savings at landfills. Other landfills in the Alabama area have taken note of the effectiveness of EarthZyme and are very interested to start using EarthZyme to cap and seal landfills, as well as using it for the landfill liners. UltraZyme is also highly sought after by landfills to cope with their overwhelming odor problems. Dust Stop is Cypher’s 100% natural and sustainable dust control product and is effectively used in landfills to suppress dust, odors and hazardous airborne particles. A major benefit of using EarthZyme, UltraZyme and Dust Stop is that they, along with all other Cypher International Ltd. products, are 100% environmentally friendly and cost effective. Please see for more information on all of our products and applications.

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